How to Print on Post-it Notes

How have I never thought of this before! I saw a picture of printed post-it notes on Pinterest and discovered the source of this idea on these two sites – Sugar Doodle and Inka Blinka.

Basically, as I see it, there are two ways to do this. I wasn’t able to completely follow the templates you can download on Sugar Doodle (they have a .doc file for both the 3×3 and 2×1.5) because I discovered that I didn’t have any normal post it notes at my house! I’ve got plenty of weird shaped ones, but no regular sizes. So I made little boxes in photoshop and printed those out on a sheet of paper for guidelines to show me where to put my toast sticky notes. Then I typed in a little message and placed the sheet with the sticky notes backwards through my printer. (I think if you did it with the part that sticks up first then it might get stuck.)

The second option is to write on a paper in the spots where you will be placing the sticky notes and make a separate page with the actual sticky notes. Place the page you wrote on face down on your copier and put your sticky note page in the printer. This way you don’t even have to mess with the computer and you can copy your own handwriting! This is how I did the second set of sticky notes below.

Does this make sense? Let me know if you have any questions! And think about all the possibilities! You could make personalized post-it notes or type up really really neat notes to print out and stick in a book.