How to Woo the Modern Woman

Hey guys! Today we’re going to take a break from our usual office supply love affair and talk about something a little different. Spring romance! They don’t call it Spring Fever for nothing. Springtime represents a clean slate, new beginnings and the possibility of a budding romance. In case you have been living under a rock, we’re sure you already know that the good ol’ days of tossing a girl a bouquet of generic flowers are pretty much over. Whether you have your eye on someone special, or if you just want to show your current sweetie that you care, you will definitely have to put in more effort into her likes and interest. That means trying just a liiiiittle bit harder. Recently, one of our very own Shopletters had a horrid courtship experience. For the sake of this story, let’s just call her “Alli.”

On any given day, Alli can be found rockin’ her designer leather moto jacket and tall boots to the office. Her dry sense of humor and knack for speaking her mind are part of her many quirky charms. Alli is the kind of girl who can appreciate a fine whiskey and would always be down for a quick game of soccer.  One day while at the office, she received a rather cringeworthy bouquet of flowers from an admirer. The bouquet was stuffed with a menagerie of half-dead carnations, sunflowers and roses. If the carnations weren’t already the kiss of death, than the oversized martini glass shaped vase that housed this awful arrangement definitely was. What’s even worse was that Alli was greeted later that night with exact same flower arrangement waiting for her at her door!

Although her admirer probably meant well,  Alli admits that it was a complete turn off. The gesture ultimately showed Alli that this man wasn’t thinking about her likes, preferences or even her personality. She was also a taken aback at the fact that the same bouquet showed up at her front door that night– as if 1 martini glass isn’t enough! In the end, Alli went her own way and the poor dude was left in the dust. OUCH. The moral of the story is that no gesture at all is always better than one that is poorly thought out or done half heartedly.

SO! Gentlemen (and ladies), in the spirit of Alli’s experience and to prevent such travesties from ever happening again in the future, here are a few new age rules and some classic ones that will help you to navigate the modern dating scene. (You can thank us later!)