Innovative Paper Shredders.

I never really like paper shredders. The sound they make used to scare me when I was a kid. Although just recently, I found some very cool paper shredders online, two of which are rather unforgettable for their creative design.

Hamster in a paper shredder.

Paper Shredder Hamster Residence by Thomas Ballhatchet
This is exactly what it is except that it is less bloody that what you might be thinking. From designer Tom Ballhatchet, we have this hamster residence that has a paper shredder at the lid. The way it works is that you put a piece of paper on in between the blades, in order for the paper to be shredded, the hamster would have to start running on the wheel. Not only does this paper shredder reused used paper, I bet it is a great entertainment.

Shred your time away.

Chrono Shredder by Susanna Hertrich
Have you even thought about shredding your time away? Designer Susanna Hertrich came up with a Chrono Shredder that does not have a power switch, which means that the hacked paper shredder will start shredding away the part of the paper roll that has the current date on it every 24 hours and the shredded paper, as you can see in the picture, accumulates and become a piece of art work.
  • Wow great idea! very much innovative.I love to have one to my working place,how much does this cost?

  • Yeah it’s fun to look at it but makes a big mess! hehe

  • Very interesting. Would love to have one, but not sure if the shreds would look nice in my office hanging down like that.

  • Unique and very entertaining ideas. I’m wondering about the cost? But in totality, it’s not only entertaining, its making my day…really. Awesome.

  • Very cool! Takes the scariness out of paper shredding and makes it fun! I especially enjoy the second machine, as it looks interesting too. How do you always find the coolest office gadgets?!