Left-handedness in the Office

Yesterday, I was helping a girl in my neighborhood cut fabric for a project we were working on. As she was cutting the fabric, I realized that she was left handed and my scissors were such a pain for her to use! She said they were okay, just a little difficult to cut straight. I started thinking about left-handed supplies and wondering how often left-handed people use them. On our site we carry a few things:

Left-Handed Scissors

Left-Handed Credenza

Left Handed Box Cutter

There is a whole website with tools for left-handed chefs, kids, and everyone else! They have a lot of random stuff and some useful stuff too. You can go to Lefty’s of San Francisco to see all their stuff.

Left-Handed Gardening Tools

Look at all these famous Lefties! Get the famous lefties notebook

Obama is left-handed too!

Left-Handed Mouse – you can buy one, get the other 50% off!

Lefty’s held a video contest and below are some of the entries. Only 15% of people are left-handed! Go Lefties!!