Little Learners Writing Supplies


It’s back to school season and for most veteran parents, they’ve seen it all from buying basic school supplies to reviewing and refreshing lessons with their child for the year ahead. But what if this is your first go around as a new parent? Have no idea where to start when it comes to your little one heading off to pre school or kindergarden? Well, Shoplet has you covered with some of the basics of pre school writing skills and tools. Every child needs a little prep before heading off to school. Here are some of the essential skills and supplies that will help you and your child on your way to a successful school year.

Little hands can face many challenges especially when it comes to writing utensils. Writing during the preschool years can be, well, pretty messy. At this stage, preschoolers begin to understand the relationship between language and translated meanings in shapes and pictures to convey ideas. They learn that writing is a form of communication used in every life. At this stage, kids are also learning how to properly hold pencils and crayons and the motor skills involved in creating controlled and purposeful shapes. It’s a skill that is best practiced well before heading off to school but luckily there are plenty of tools that will help you teach your child the basics.

The Twist ‘n Write is specifically designed to fit small hands. This pencil hugs either side of the index finger to ensure proper alignment and finger positioning. This pencil also teaches little learners how to control their writing. The lead is thicker ensuring less breakage and never needs sharpening. It’s a great tool to introduce your child to develop essential writing motor skills.


With every awesome pen there needs to be an equally awesome notepad, right? Well, Mead has the perfect one for your little newbie.  The Mead Learn to Letter with raised ruling is a lined notebook that helps to teach your child proper letter spacing and scale. What makes this paper special is that the solid top and bottom lines are embossed, helping to assist tactile learners as well as the visually impaired.


There are even digital tools to help assist your child on their scholastic journey. The Pencil Pal Preschool software is a fun and entertaining way to teach your child all of the basic pre reading and math skills such as numbers, letters, colors, shapes, sequencing, and sound recognition. This program is chock full of puzzles and games too.


Once your little one has mastered the basics they are ready to graduate to Cadoozles. These super cute little guys are the pint size equivalent of big kid mechanical pencils. The fun colors and prints are irresistible. If your little one is still struggling, try adding a good old fashioned pencil grip. The triangular design helps little hands to better grip and place the pencil into the proper hand position.


There are lots of great resources out there for little learners, but probably the most important resource of all is you. Your child will benefit more from words of encouragement, lots of love and patience than they ever will from any fancy school gear or expensive computer program. So, good luck to all of our first time pre schoolers out there and we wish you all a very happy and successful school year!