Lock it up with Sentry Safe! 2 Winners (CLOSED)

  • Milt

    Certain valuable items and irreplaceable documents need safekeeping, with a Sentry Safe.

  • Rob

    A Sentry Safe woukd be a great way to protect important business documents and papers.

  • Joey Simmonds

    We had a fire about 10 years ago. Learned the hard way. We have one Sentry Safe that is full and it would be nice to have another one to keep a few other things in, like a week supply of medication.

  • Lily Kwan

    A Sentry Safe would be very useful!

  • Krista M

    I recently lost weight & my engagement ring is too big, i would love to store it in there until I can get it resized, for example.

  • Nancy

    It would enable me to close out the safe deposit box at the bank!

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I would love to know the birth certificates and all important papers and old negatives of pictures from the past are safe. This would make them easier to find also instead of lumped in with other not so important filing systems. Also drawings my boys did as little children that I want to preserve would be safe if they are not being displayed at the time.

  • Geri

    This would really help us with important documents that we need to store in a safe place.

  • Kalyani N

    This would be very useful to secure all our important Documents also it is safe and secure for the valuable things.

  • Rust

    Very useful for protecting my keepsakes, pictures, important documents, and jewelry!

  • EVERYONE should that a Sentry Safe. Who doesn’t have documents, precious photos and keepsakes that would totally cause them despair IF LOST OR DESTROYED. Those are the reasons I hope to win a Sentry Safe. As mom says, “Better to be SAFE than sorry!

  • EVERYONE should that a Sentry Safe. Who doesn’t have documents, precious photos and keepsakes that would totally cause them despair. Those are the reasons I hope to win a Sentry Safe. As mom says, “Better to be SAFE than sorry!

  • It will keep important docs safe.

  • Amy C.

    These will definitely be useful…you can never be too safe!

  • It will keep my most valuable diocuments and keepsakes safe and fireproof. It defifinetly will make me sleep better in the night and worry-free all the time!

  • shawn lownsbery

    I live in a high crime area and it would help ensure my kids personal documents along with other items were kept safe..

  • Would be most helpful for all my precious documents. Nice to feel like I took preventative measures to secure my property. Thanks! :)

  • Sentry Safe would be very useful! It would protect my photos, important documents and cash!

  • carol clark

    id be able to save old papers that are hand written would be nice to know there safe

  • Darlene O’Brien

    Sentry Safe would provide my family and myself such Peace of Mind knowing that our important documents were safe and secure during a time of crisis or uncertainty.

  • sindaset

    TO keep our valuable docs and papers safe ! Peace of mind for the family for sure !

  • Ada Miller

    Sentry safe would be very useful to have in our home to lock up all of our important information and cards, money , jewelry etc. you can’t trust anyone Dow days so having the protection of sentry safe would be a life saver. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • This safe would give my family peace of mind… Especially my husband. We have had our can stolen out of our driveway a month ago. Since then he’s been locking everything up super tight,

  • Sabrina

    i would be so so so helpful having one of these!!

  • Michelle Small

    A Sentry safe would be so useful here in tornado country. Knowing my personal documents will be safe no matter what gives sense of peace.


    It would be so helpful keeping all important documents secured no more worries of getting them lost, damaged,or wet, it would be a lifesaver! Thanks for the amazing chance!

  • Twila

    This would be so helpful in keeping important things protected

  • robin mcdowell

    It would be so helpful to lock up and keep safe my important papers and jewelry

  • Gloria

    I need to keep important papers secure

  • Amy

    You never know what can happen it’s always nice to think ahead and have most of the things you hold dear or that are important in the safe. That’s how I would use it

  • Bebe

    Having a nice safe at home would give me peace of mind! Documents and family photos are irreplaceable and I would love to win one of these. :)

  • Sherry Bracy

    I could really use a safe to protect my documents I need to have for my titles…deeds…and other Important papers! right now I only have them in a filder so If anything were to happen, Id be in trouble trying to get them replaced. eeekkk! not a good thought!



  • Summer I.

    A safe would be so useful for storing all my photos I take of my amazing son. Thanks for the chance.

  • Susan Highland

    We live in a dangerous fire area and we do what we can to prevent fire (clearing land-sprinklers on roof), but the Sentry Safe would provide some peace of mind!

  • Janice C Steed

    I am a senior citizen, and I have many items, the loss of which would cause serious regret and/or problems: My will, tax records, computer backup media, family pictures, jewelry, car titles, passport. collectible coins, baby teeth of my children, stock certificates, insurance certification policies, etc. My family would benefit much to open my safe upon my death, and make the settlement of my estate much easier. And I could have peace of mind in these final years!

  • Mike S.

    While I have a large safe right now, it is not fireproof. I’d like to keep my very important things like backup hard drives and whatnot inside a fireproof safe just in case.

  • This safe would be a great place for us to store our important documents.


    I like to have a safe because I need to lock up my valuables..
    I have my expensive one of kind, can’t replace keep and namesakes in drawers in containers behind a locked door.

    Thank you for the chance,


  • I need to get one of these for my backup of photos!!

  • I would love to have a place to keep important papers safe.

  • Ellen B

    right now my important papers are in a cardboard box – I need to keep those safer

  • Brenda Eggert

    I’ve been needing a Sentry Safe for quite awhile. I not only back up my computer to the cloud, but also to DAT tapes. I’d like to know that those are safe.

  • Dana geyer

    This is great! Great way to protect your documents!!

  • Jerry Fair

    I could really use one of these safes to store our important documents! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • MGR

    This would keep all my documents in a safe place. Would provide peace of mind with one less thing to worry about.

  • Carol

    This will be so useful to keep my papers safe.

  • Ed

    Will be useful to store electronic media in case of fire or water issues.

  • mell

    I would use this for our passports and other important papers.

  • Erika Panfile

    This would be great keeping all my important documents safe and secure.

  • Mary Helene

    This would be perfect to have in the RV for travel.

  • Angela Flowers

    My husband and I were just discussing that we needed to put some of our important documents someplace safe.

  • Lauren Yost

    I’d want to win the Electronic Security Safe . It would be great to keep my private and important papers safe!

  • Michelle Nading

    One of these would keep all of my important documents safe!! Who doesn’t want that kind of security in their life?

  • Valerie L

    Would love to keep my valuable safe, papers and jewelry

  • A Sentry Safe would be great and very helpful to keep important papers in.

  • Casandra Farlow

    This will be super helpful. The older I get the more paperwork I need safe.

  • Alicia D

    This would help keep family memories safe!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    This would be great for us to keep our important papers and keepsakes in!

  • this is cool would love to win i need one of these

  • Lindsey VC

    I have been really wanting one of these for my important items for a long time now!

  • Nanci Wilson

    I would use it to keep important, personal papers in it. With them all in place makes things easier to find.

  • Judy

    A Sentry safe would be so useful! I have several documents that need to be safeguarded and now I am starting to save copies of photos on memory sticks. A Sentry safe would also be great for a few jewelry pieces I have and some coins I have collected!

  • Susan

    This would help me keep my important papers safe

  • I have valuable items I want to keep safe no matter what circumstances. It’s important to keep important documents in a safe.

  • margaux retrophiliac

    more useful then you could possibly imagine!

  • Jane Ritz

    This would be very useful for me. I don’t have anything to use for important papers.

  • Ashlee Virostko

    I was given my first safe from my stepdad as a gift for my 17th birthday. It’s only one of those smaller portable safes, but is actually still the one I use to this day. Needless to say although still functionable, I can barely get it to close these days. I think it’s time for an upgrade.

  • This would be very helpful for storing my important stuff and not have to worry about it. Thank you!

  • Karen Kerr

    This would be great to keep my important papers safe.

  • mindy coffey

    Not only would this protect my most prized/sentimental & valuable belongings through a fire, it would keep anyone from stealing them! This has been on my mind to get & just the perfect size! I have so many little priceless valuables, antique items handed down, private info for accounts (i don’t like storing everything personal digitally-I write them dowm!) & several other things I have been so worried will be taken bc if I had of owned something like this…my wedding band would not have been gone forever! My husbands mother passed away when he was 11 & he kept her wedding bands which had 6 small cut diamonds & 1 huge beautiful diamond…all white gold (my fav!) AND they just happened to fit me perfectly! But the diamond was coming loose & we tucked it into a place we never thought anyone would find & they did, along with many other things & I’ve been heartbroken since! Yes, It had real diamonds & was gorgeous but the sentimental value & it being few things he had left of his mothers was the huge irreplaceable factor! Who wouldn’t want to win a “piece of mind?!” SentrySafe is very credible & an awesome company too! Thank you for the chance!

  • Having my marriage license and my childrens birth certificates safe

  • I’d like to lock up important documents and keep them safe.

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    I couldn’t have come across this at a better time. My current filing system is in sad shape and it would be so comforting to know that all my important documents are protected!

  • This would be a tremendous help with my military papers and other personal documents. Thank you for the chance!

  • Tami Lee

    Awesome Giveaway. Thanks for the chance!! ♡

  • Brandy Wassmer

    Always wanted one to keep our valuables safe and secure! Would love this! Thanks

  • Glori Rivas

    Would be Very useful for very important and private documents .
    Thank you so much for the chance

  • Stepfanie

    This Sentry Safe will be great to have in our house to keep all of our important papers safe as well as any other special things we might have! Thank you so much for this chance!

  • My important documents and photo’s that cannot be replaced.

  • This would be perfect for my husband’s work gun! I would feel much safer with an electronic lock versus just a lock and key.

  • Tammy redmon

    Awesome product!!!

  • Mike S

    A Sentry Safe would protect my important documents in the event of a fire.

  • jess

    This would be very usefull .

  • Lisa Skoczylas

    What a awesome prize and something everyone needs!

  • Julie Davis

    I would use it to keep all my papers safe

  • this would be so nice for my husband. he could put all his paper work from his dad when he was in world war 2. and all his badges,purple heart. and most important his american flag when his dad died. thanks so much.

  • stormie misener

    Just became first time home buyers. . Tons of documents we need safe and don’t have $ for one or a safe deposit box. Not to mention babies documents … these would be great!

  • Robin

    A safe would be great for keeping important document a in. Such as birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificate, etc.

  • Awesome giveaway, thanks for a chance to win

  • amber hanners

    This would be very useful to keep all my important tax documents, birth certificates,and all my valuables safe

  • Jeannette F

    This is 1 of the best prizes I`ve seen! ty 4 chance!

  • Barbara Mayes

    it would keep my irreplaceable vintage photos, important documents and jewelry safe and sound!

  • Samantha Loughlin

    Very useful for peace of mind

  • This would be great, as the kids always get into my important things and I misplace things too.

  • Laura Fahey

    I have so many important papers with adopted kids and passports and divorce papers with custody information. So many more…birth certificates, etc. A safe would help me feel more protected if there ever was a disaster of any kind! Helping me to sleep better at night!!

  • I would really love to win this cause I have so many important papers that would hurt me alot if I lost them to any damages or theft. Not to mention I don’t use banks so I need something to safley lock my valuables cash and gift cards

  • Roseanne Gary

    This would be perfect to keep all my important documents safe as well as my gun when I finish getting my license.

  • Kristen

    Would absolutely love this. Would be great to keep all my kids important stuff in as for my important papers also always worry about me losing my important papers and pictures

  • This will be so useful to keep my important papers and photos safe

  • It would help my family so much because we have ppl that have sticky FINGERS and I can keep all my important stuff organized!!! FINGERS CROSSED ty for the chance PLEASE I could REALLY use this PLEASE

  • justin tan

    Peace of mind that my valuable documents will be safe in the event of fire.

  • Joseph simpkins

    I would love have this. So many things that my father left after he passed away. It would keep my grandkids out of things .thanks

  • Amber

    I would love to win one ! I have sensitive info that could be stored here .

  • ashley

    I’m using a plastic dollar store shoebox right now, definitely need this. :)

  • Karen Haley

    This would be the prefect Christmas gift for my Husband!! We need one!!

  • I have nowhere to store any of my valuables and would love this safe to keep hidden with those items in there.

  • Sherry Ballestero

    This is very important to save my kids birth certificates , insurance papers and marriage license. Also if I need to put few dollars aside I can lock it up plus medical papers and loan papers.

  • Kim

    This would be great for me to keep all vital documents and extra flash drive of my medical records since those are so timely and cost consuming to replace.

  • Carissa king

    I’m always worried about all my important stuff getting lost or something this would be perfect !(:

  • I have always worried myself sick about all my important files in my house rather from a fire when I am not home. This would be great to have. I hope I win.

  • Kristin McNamara

    As a disabled woman I have lots of medical papers, insurance papers, etc. This would keep things safe, and together. They would be protected and accessible to my husband, in case if emergency.

  • Christy moreno

    Need one to keep all passports and birth certificates and documents safe and secure from fire and water damage.

  • Michaelyn Pappert

    This would be great for important documents!

  • Wendy c g

    This is very important, we need a great safe to keep all our documents in.

  • Jessica Aldridge

    My jewelry and important papers and pictures. Having a safe will give me peace of mind. I won’t have to worry about my things being stolen! Thank you for the chance!

  • Lisa Chesnut

    I want to win one to keep all my important paper work in but more than anything my Photo CD’s. I can not imagine losing all the memories from a fire or tornado. Living in Oklahoma tornado’s happen a lot .

  • Sande Young

    I would use this to keep all the important documents if I win it.

  • very useful ! beside keeping documents safe from fire and water it also would keep guns,bonds and much more secure .

  • Kayla Darrrs

    I could use it for important papers for myself and daughter. And all my jewelry I plan to pass down to her I don’t wear anymore.

  • keep all my important documents safe.

  • This would be so useful! Thank you for the opportunity

  • Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I need this safe to lock up things! Yes!

  • This safe would be very useful. I was just thinking earlier today how we don’t have everything in one place nor protected.

  • It will be very useful in keeping my important documents safe.

  • kathy d

    this would be so great to have I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving my valuable stuff lay around

  • Omgg how I could use one, being disabled I’ve had my meds stolen from me when I was in the hospital, and I’ve had my money and jewellery stolen and having a good safe would prevent my meds and money from being stolen again .

  • Ericka Coello

    It will be very useful for my immigration documents

  • I’d like to lock up important documents and keep them safe.

  • My wife lost her important documents in a fire and we are still trying to get her documentation back in order. This safe could save a person so many headaches.

  • Donna Haddad

    It would be fantastic to not worry about losing important documents in the event of a fire or flood!!

  • Nicole Shaffer

    I’d love to win this to keep all of my important documents safe!

  • Alexandra Martinez

    Are you kidding? I constantly worry about all my important documents being destroyed in a fire-this would be the best prize ever!

    • I love the safe to use for my jewelry if I had much lol and papers guns things that should be kept in a safe secure safe…

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I could use either one of these. We have documents we need to store in a safe for sure.

  • Holly Thomas

    I could really use one for important papers and documents.

  • Sue

    Perfect timing for this contest! My hubs mentioned purchasing a safe a few days ago.

  • Lisa Mikkelson

    I’ve been needing one of these for a while now! Good luck to all of us in protecting our valuables.

  • Susan Tice

    I could really use this!!!

  • Sarah B.

    I am terrified of having a house fire, how do I not have one of these yet? Thanks for the chance to win, awesome!

  • wow I need this so I can protect my stuff from fire and other stuff

  • Pixler

    This would be very handy to have during a tornado — just grab the safe and know all your valuables are right there beside you.

  • Be great for our new home!

  • rebecca day

    I would use this for my pictures and our passports

  • Ashley Turicik

    I would love to have this for all my important documents

  • jennifer aguero

    I live in the ghetto I need something to protect my legal papers and such from bandits.

  • kirk lund

    I could use a safe to keep my gold and silver safe

  • Loraine

    I need this because I live in an apt building I don’t feel safe leaving withe maintenance people. We’ve had things stolen.

  • i need something like this for my insurance papers

  • Wendy Forbes

    It will keep my important paper documents safe.

  • Marisela zuniga

    This would be very useful so we can put all our important papers in here

  • sady

    this is something every office needs and every homeneeds- even kids who live in dorms. Fingers crossed-thisisperfect size.Wouldlove this for my bday

  • LeeAnn P.

    This would be so useful to store important papers and heirloom jewelry!

  • I have lots of family heirlooms that I could use this safe for and pictures etc

  • Ande

    This would be so great to keep things in for my room at school.

  • I sure would love one to keep my valuables in

  • Teresa

    This would be great for all our important info especially when we are on vacation.

  • Ana Aquino

    Sentry Safe is a great thing to have! It will help me to keep important things securely safe. Documents, checks and some cash are very important to keep inside a Sentry Safe.

  • I really need a safe for my important documents and my goodies because my young son loves sneaking in my room and takes my cookies and any candy from my closet. He always knows where my goodies are

  • Rochel S

    Right now i dont have safe place for all my important documents so this would be perfect. It would make me feel much better!

  • This would be so useful, we want to put our birth docs, family photos, heirlooms and all important and cherished items in this!

  • I sure could use this

  • jeannine d

    This would be great to keep in our spare closest to keep my jewelry in

  • Anita L

    A sentry Safe would make me feel at ease to know that in the event of a fire in my home, all of my important documents would be safe!

  • Toni B

    This would be perfect for my photo memory cards….memories are priceless & wouldn’t want to lose them!

  • Cassie Thompson

    My person would love these! Heck I would too! Definitely gotta keep those important papers safe. Plus we’re pretty senimental. These are great for saving keepsakes and other irreplaceable historical family things.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    This safe would be perfect to keep our adoption papers secure and birth certificates secure!

  • Paul Smith

    very useful for all the important insurance documents and family photographs and keep sakes

  • Linda Rice

    I really need this!

  • Helen Wagner

    Ohhhh! A Sentry safe would be awesome! I really need a place to hide some emergency cash, a bit of family jewelry , extra car keys, and some coins and papers! I am so afraid of break-ins while I am at work. This would help my peace of mind immeasurably!

  • Firearms safety is the reason I need a safe.

  • Susan Thevenard

    @coralrae21… This would be awesome to keep all of my baby’s important papers safe!

  • Meagan

    Sentry Safe would be so useful to store my important documents and valuables I have been needing this for a while!

  • Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    We need a Sentry Safe for our important papers and jewelry! We live in Florida, and with all the storms we have to evacuate from, this safe would be perfect to grab and take with us! Thank You for this Fabulous Giveaway Shoplet!

  • debi affrunti

    Have lots of jewelry would have piece of mine thats its safe

  • cris

    Incredibly useful! We were just looking for one the other day to store our important papers in. Let us be worry free knowing we would have a safe to keep valuables safe.

  • Sammantha D.

    I’m always worried about documents so this would be great to keep those important ones safe.

  • Mary Vantil

    I would be able to store all my important photos, IDs, and old money my husband collects .

  • toyya waller

    I would definitely love this, it would be perfect for our household

  • candace

    This would be great for a lot of stuff! Recently we have had burglaries and i wasnt prepared. My loss my fault, would love one, i defenitly need it!

  • I have a daughter in college, that needs this for her dorm room.

  • Ed Gibson


  • I need a safe for our important documents.

  • Allison CB

    So much easier to find when you lock up stuff for safe keeping!! :)

  • autumn eaton

    I just bought a house and could keep all my important papers in this! Thanks

  • em robin

    This would be so terrific for my husband who is working so hard to organize our important papers.