LOL Cats in your office: I Can Haz Work?

office supplies

I know I know, blog posts with tons of pictures and a small amount of content are a bad idea. Sorry I couldn’t help it this time. We’ve been slowly gathering a collection of lol cats at work, invading your space and wanting endless amounts of cheezburgers. If today is a boring day at the office, it’s time to indulge. (Thanks to ICANHAZCHEEEEEZBURGER for all the goodies)


(Especially if this is how you feel.)

It is hard to get out of bed some mornings


and sometimes you just plan on being late


You may have hit snooze on your alarm clock but then this happens:

alarm clock

Or this: (the guilty kitty alarm clock..)

alarm clock

So you get up only to feel like you don’t have anything to wear!!


Or a certain little lol cat wants to come tooo

working lol cat

When you get to work you realize you’re extra late. Could this be why?


Don’t worry. LOL cats have taken over your computer and/or laptop anyways.









It’s hard to convince an LOL cat to get off your computer without some cheezburgers for bait. Better head to the IT department for some extra assistance. Uh oh…

Computer Supplies



Computer Supplies

Those lol cats don’t have much of a work ethic. You better just surrender to an lol-ified day.

They’re on your office chair! Giving you back problems.

office chair, back support

They’re wasting your rubber bands on rubber band balls.

Rubber Bands

Lol cats are taking over your printer and your copier!

Printer Supplies


Copy Machine

Copy Machine

They’re in your file cabinet rearranging your files.
File Folders

(Shhh they may even be committing some fraud)

File Folders

They’re accusing you of stealing their office supplies


and getting rid of your shredder.

Shredder, shredders, shredding

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, you realize your boss, your co-workers, everyone around you has turned into lol cats!




Have you spotted any lol cats lurking around the office? Comment with your link below!


(a special thanks to all those who captured all those working lol cats featured in this post!)

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  • justin


  • Me-Mo

    Cats suck,a humerous caption doesn’t change that fact.Dog is man’s best friend.

  • Grace

    Really? I did not know that! Can you comment with the link? I’d be interested to see that

  • J-Bizz

    The last pic is from a Staples commercial!

  • Nice collection of pictures

  • Nice collection of office-related lolcats there – enjoyed looking through them, thanks!

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  • Nice collection of pictures. I love cats. your comments on the pictures are very funny. i really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing these cute pictures

  • They look so hilarious but I could see
    some meaning through the images caption.
    It shows up the reality of the world of business..