lox & savvy office goodies

Every once and awhile I think we need to ditch our practical side and splurge on something that will make our lives happier. That something for me today is a Paper Block from Lox & Savvy. Yes I do have lots of different notepads but I don’t have one that is shaped like an hexagon and has a hole for a pencil! Lox & Savvy’s slogan on their website says “passion & creative flair for all things paper.” Can I add that to our blog somewhere? (only it would say “passion & creative flair for all things related to office and working and bright colors”) Check out their website for lots of colorful, fun supplies. Don’t you just love those striped paper pockets below?

  • Grace

    Oh man, what a lame mistake. Thanks for telling me!

  • Corey

    you still don’t have a paper block shaped like an octagon, because that’s a hexagon.