make security envelopes into postcards

I mentioned this super cute recycled security envelope stationery set in a roundup a few months ago and ever since I saw it, I have been collecting security envelopes! I decided to make a few postcards because they are cheaper to send and I have lots of Avery Textured Postcards leftover from other projects (thank you postcards and feather stationery)

Basically, you can just let your creativity run wild. I love the little patterned dots that a hole punch makes and I used my Pentel Red EnerGel to trace some stencils. I had a hard time throwing away any of the scraps so I used a window from the envelope, glued only the edges, and stuck a bunch of scraps inside. I want to order a bunch of the security envelopes on our site because there are so many different colors and patterns!

To glue on my little designs, I used Scotch Photo Mount which I discovered goes everywhere when you spray it. Set out some newspapers if you don’t want your table to become a sticky, lumpy mess.

Have I mentioned how much I love my EnerGels? I’m pretty obsessed with the red and the purple. There are some pens that make you feel like your handwriting is awesome when you use them. This pen does that for me.

Have you seen any other cool projects with security envelopes? Let me know! (I need a reason to start collecting them again)

  • Since I have plenty of security envelopes Im one of those people who keeps correspondence in the original envelope for months before filing and plenty more of all kinds of paper and card stock after last weekends clean-up activities I went out yesterday to go buy one of those circular punch cutters – I dont know if thats what theyre called but I guess you know what I mean. Security envelopes abstracts – well one envelope and one plastic plug-in cell phone holder is what I used for these photographs. If you cant punch it you just photograph it.Now for those of you interested in crafts using security envelopes heres a short list of things you could do – the most gorgeous using security envelopes by Kristiina Lahde – – cup cake flags- at Little Paper Dog – and through Little Paper Dog I also found at Creature Comforts- and again through Little Paper Dog of at iDiY – Craft-Werk and – Crafting a green world more – at the Felt Mouse- security envelope patterns and at The Sweetie Pie Press And since now I have the list up here I wont have to go through all my bookmarks again once I found that circular cutter that is……Posted by.Pascale…………..