Mommy-Daughter Duo Make Dresses Out of Construction Paper + Tape

If you haven’t yet caught wind of the recent viral sweep of adorable, creative teamwork…let me introduce you to the pair behind the freakishly cute Instragram account, @2sisters_angie,  Angie (mommy) & “Mayhem” (daughter).  The dynamic duo masterfully craft up construction paper dresses that are très chic, to say the least. Who needs to stitch up expensive Japanese silk or Italian leather when a bit o’ scotch tape and colorful paper slices can produce tantamount results??

Now…try to suppress the temptation to blurt “awwwweee” while scrolling through these pictures:

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Strikin’ a pose!

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“Mayhem” is, hands down, the cutest fashionista around!

More on Angie & Mayhem via Marie Clare and Huffington Post

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