Nautical Inspiration Desk Makeover

Beach season is upon us. We don’t know about you guys but we are totally excited to dip our toes in the sand, collect seashells and ride the waves. There’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach with a fancy piña colada in hand, right? Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the luxury of frequenting a beach whenever we’d like to while others who live in more central regions of the country don’t have access to beaches at all. But that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying some coastal inspired goodness. Bring the beach days to your desk so your workdays can feel just a little bit more easy breezy!

Nautical desk

Our desk makeovers usually include decorating around some sort of technology. This time we decided to nix the desktops, laptops and tablets in favor of a simpler and more streamlined look. Of course you can always include tech in your design, but this makeover is dedicated to a little R & R. Instead of using technology, we opted for notebooks, file folders and the ultimate de-stressor: adult-coloring books!

Slow down and indulge in a little color therapy with adult coloring! Did you know that coloring is an excellent way to unplug and de-stress? Coloring provides a way to channel creativity with minimal investment in resources and time. We agree that it’s a great nostalgic and old school way to get back to our crafty roots. The Modern Jen line will be coming to Shoplet soon and will include coloring books across varying themes such as Beachy Things shown here, Lovely Things, Woodsy Things and Advanced.

Speaking of notebooks, did you know that our friends at Raring Springs make a notebook for left handed people? Yep, and it’s awesome! The binding is on the right, so no more being jabbed in the palm. Here, the blue notebook pairs beautifully with this yellow Lion poly folder for a nautical touch.

Let’s talk idea boards for a sec. There’s a log you can do to spruce up a cork board or white board by using every day materials in creative ways. We scrounged up simple twine, paper clips, binder clips and thumbtacks in blue and gold. The result was this super fun sea junk style fishing line. Just hang your various bindings across the twine to add weight and texture.

For tying up loose ends, cut out simple fish shapes with Neenah Astro brights paper and hang from paperclips.

This one takes a little bit of savvy and planning, but the results are well worth the trouble. Create a vintage nautical compass using metallic sharpies and black Neenah paper. The handmade feel gives this pin board a rustic look.

We really love the way this one turned out and it’s fairly easy to do! Start with a printed cut out of the shape of your choice. We used an anchor and traced it onto the folder with pencil first. Fill in with a Sharpie marker and outline with a metallic paint marker. We used navy and gold metallic. We trimmed the top using a band of yellow Duck Tape and fashioned a nautical knot using more of our simple twine.