Need to let off some Steam?


Stressed out in the office? Try a few of these ideas to Relax, Relate, Release.

**Go outside for a bit of fresh air. Clear your mind and just inhale (and exhale).

**Sit in your car for a few minutes and turn the radio on, sing, and tune the world out. Or, try primal scream therapy (whatever it takes!)

**When you drive your car to and from work, listen to something enjoyable or motivating.

**Fix your office/cubicle environment – make whatever adjustments you need to the decor, lighting, temperature, noise level, chairs and other controllable factors in your office.

**Visualize yourself relaxing at your favorite vacation spot or completing the big presentation with ease.

**Try these unique stress balls out for size!

Ok, maybe this one is a bit corny…

..but not as thorny as this one!

Tequila, anyone?

For when you just feel a little screwy

Buttery goodness

A little cheesy

No guts, no glory!

Hopefully your office doesn’t have flies like these! If so, I could understand why you need to let off a little steam!

**Most importantly…Don’t Worry… Be Happy!

  • I remember seeing pictures of some Japanese umbrellas that has a transparent ‘curtain’ that extended all the way down almost to the ground. Almost like you’re walking in a test tube, but it’s an umbrella. Supposedly, it protects you from the ever-pesky sideways rain.

  • That is a big fly! lol!

    I love stress balls, I have one that lights up different colors when I squeeze it and I love it, it’s so pretty!