New Avery Templates Everywhere iPhone App

I have to tell you about my new favorite iPhone App from Avery – The Avery Templates Everywhere App. I wish I had more reasons to print and use labels! The few times I have printed labels it’s always been a process to download the Avery template file, fill in the info, and make sure it prints properly. Here’s what you do with the FREE App.

1. Hit create project
2. Look at the product # on your label package and select that template.

3. Customize what you want on the label (first name, last name, address, web address, text field, etc)
4. Choose the contacts you want to include

5. Preview it to make sure everything looks ok
6. Send it to yourself (it comes as a PDF) or print from your iPhone if you have that setup
7. Or save it to work on later

The only problem with this app for me is that I don’t have any other contact info in my phone for people besides their names, phone #s, and sometimes an email address. Obviously, that is my own fault and a pain every time I mail something. I still love that you can create a bunch of return address labels easily or whatever type of custom labels you want.

Have you tried this app? What did you think?

  • I use that app too and i think that it is great.

  • Try the Scan Contacts feature. It uses OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) to convert photos of addresses ( from envelopes or business cards) into text that you can import into your Contacts. It also allows you to merge addresses with existing contacts.