New Whiteboards are now password protected


Interactive whiteboard have been replacing conventional whiteboards in many corporations and schools. Electronic whiteboards are large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface, where users control the computer using a pen, finger or other device, which allows a greater interactivity during presentations.

Panasonic will release Jan 20, 2009, two types of electronic whiteboards in six different models. Users can set passwords by using the LCD display on the main unit. Each board can accept passwords, which will in turn restrict the ability to transfer information from the board to USB flash memory. For those cleared for access, the whiteboards can transfer on-screen information to a PC via USB. By using a password, data on the whiteboard can be restricted from being printed or stored in USB flash memory. In addition, it is possible to display an alert on the LCD display when users fail to clear data on the whiteboard after the reading process.

Two types of whiteboards are available, a film-board type that can be hung on a wall and a steel board-type on which documents can be posted by using magnets. If the whiteboard is connected to a PC via a USB cable, the data on the whiteboard can be directly transmitted to the computer. In respect to the film board models, the reading performance was improved so that unclear letters, which were difficult to read on previous models, can be read more accurately. This improvement reduces the need to trace unclear and unreadable letters using a marker.