Office Comfort Hacks


Sometimes I get stressed about how fast technology is changing and wonder how I will ever keep up. I mean, cameras in phones? Why do we need those?

The above picture is why. How often can you catch a grown man sitting on a garbage can like it’s normal? (Sadly this shoplet salesman has no idea this pic was taken)

So let’s talk Office Comfort Hacks. We all have them/do them.

Tired Legs

It happens to everyone. You need to mention something real quick to your co-worker a few cubicles over. The conversation starts going longer than you expect and you start getting sick of looking down on the person and your legs start to feel anxious, weak even. This is when your eyes start glancing around for something, anything! to rest on. Sometimes there is a vacant chair, sometimes an empty to desk to lean on. But when worse comes to worst anything becomes an option. The garbage can, kneeling on the floor (my favorite), sitting on the person’s desk you are talking to, or (the best option) ending the conversation.

Sore Wrists

Picture 027

I posted this picture on twitter awhile ago but decided to post it again just to make sure everyone knows this is an option. Am I the only one that constantly has sore wrists and hands from typing and clicking so much? Part of the problem could be that I go home and work on my computer after work. Anyways. Have sore wrists? Throw a banana under there. Don’t have a banana? Try a pair of gloves, an extra sweater, or anything that feels semi cushioning and gets your wrist off the desk.

Uncomfortable Legs/Feet/Glutes


I know glutes is a made up word to skirt around the real one, but I’m going to use it anyway. The Footrest hack is usually the easiest one to accomplish. Mine? It’s the box for my keyboard. Boxes work nicely except they slowly disintegrate as you maul them with your feet. Better option is one of those rubbermaid totes or something a little bit harder.

What do you do to make your workspace/environment more comfortable? I need some tips!

Check out these Office Supplies Hacks (great post from 2008! Mentions lots of ways to use binder clips, paper clips, and tape)

  • This would be a great tips to those employees who works under graveyard shift in call center agencies.

  • not quite on topic, but you can make yourself very funny bag from old floppy disks


  • I swear I sat on the kitchen trash can recently – hahaha! This picture just reminded me of it – SO FUNNY! I just got lucky no one else was home! And since I work at home, that’s my office comfort hack – and hey, it worked! Just ask that guy! LOL!!!

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