Office Fashion: The Winter Boot Dilemma

We often take for granted how easy it is to dress up for work in the summer & springtime. Throw on a pretty, sophisticated dress with a pair of ballerina flats and off to work you go! 

Winter weather, however, presents a whole new array of issues for the fashion forward office dweller to contemplate. Bitter cold temperatures & slushy sidewalks are unforgiving to those who like to dress lightly. Of course, for those who’ve lived in chillier climates for most of their lives, bundling up in the wintertime is a natural part of the seasonal routine. Still, it’s more fun to feel composed in your business casual winter wear than to feel like a haphazard fashion blizzard.

Lucky for you, dear reader, the Shoplet team is crazy about office fashion. We’ll make sure that you survive the freezing seasons leading up til late March without compromising your style. 


Now let’s talk pretty winter feet! Specifically, winter boots:


FASHIONABLE: The Chelsea Boot.

The Chelsea boot is totally happening this season. Chelsea boots pair well with almost any style – from leisurewear to business casual. Unfortunately, most Chelsea boots stink when it comes to trekking through snowy weather; there are a few brands & styles, however, that were built with winter weather in mind. Here are a few Chelsea-style winter boots that will get you through your rugged, cold commute AND work (because Chelsea booties look totally swag in the office too!).


Featured above:

Ecco Saunter Boot — these boots are currently on sale for $130! They also come in black. You can tell that their soles have some degree of traction, which is pretty cool.

Featured above:

Doc Marten Flora Chelsea Boots (I just ordered these for myself!)


Featured above:

Timberland Mt. Washington Chelsea Boot – Available at Urban Outfitters

Featured above:

Ben Sherman ‘Bruno’ Wingtip Chelsea Boot – Available at Nordstrom

PRACTICAL: Duck Boots.

Nice lookin’ winter boots are tricky to pick out, especially because the most practical winter boots, the ones that keep your feet the warmest, driest, and comfiest, are often the ugliest ones to look at. If you’re strictly shopping with practicality in mind, meaning that you don’t care much about how “high fashion” your winter boots look, then I’d recommend you check out a pair of duck boots.




Featured above:

Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot (the furry ones!) 

Women’s 1964 Premium CVS Boot 



Featured above:

LaCrosse for J. Crew Duck Boots

Men’s Cheyanne Reserve Boot

Duck boots are definitely not classy footwear for the office, so, unless your workplace is located in the forest, I’d recommend that you keep a pair of flats, heels, or wingtips handy at your desk. This way, you can quickly change out of your duck booties & strut up and down the cubicle isles in work-appropriate shoes.

What’s great about duck boots is that they are extremely weather proof and, honestly, kind of cute. I mean, look at this chick “rock” them (hah! get it?):


NO PAIN, NO GAME: Hidden Wedge.

The perfect fusion of office heels and winter boots: winter boots with a hidden wedge! I don’t think I can handle heels for more than 20 minutes, but for the ladies out there who love ’em, these boots will keep your toes warm and your calves poppin’. Ow ow!


Featured above:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Snow Booties



Featured above:

Mark & Maddux TOM-02 Wedge Knee High Boot


**REMINDER**: Winter boots are for winter! Before buying any winter boots, ask yourself the following essential questions:

(1) Are these winter boots water/weatherproof? (You don’t want your feet to get totally frostbitten because some snowflakes melted on boots!).

++Weatherproof your boots with a weather proof spray! According to ABC News, Neverwet Spray will protect your winter boots from almost anything. You can purchase the spray at Home Depot

(2) Do these winter boots have good traction? (No slipping on black ice allowed).

(3) Are my feet comfy and cozy? (Your boots should keep your feet toasty! That’s the point of good winter boots).

++Dr. Scholl‘s will always make you feel as though your shoe was crafted specially for you!