office presents for will + kate

I had to jump on the bandwagon and watch the wedding this morning. (I would like to say only because my husband was leaving at 6 and told me to get up and watch it.) It was very pretty. Her dress was the perfect choice and all the men looked like toy soldiers. I was trying to find some royal items on Shoplet but wasn’t quite satisfied with what I found. Instead, I decided to try out some cool wrapping ideas I found and make them specifically for Will + Kate. I tried to think in my head that Kate was my co-worker and I needed to wrap her gift last minute and use what I had at the office.

Above: I used my giant calendar and made it into wrapping paper, including the date! I’ve used this idea before and when I saw it on the Paper Source Blog a few weeks ago, I remembered how much I liked it!

This one was kind of random but fun with the electrical tape. I used a piece of muslin but it would look just as great, probably better, with any type of paper underneath.

Another idea I love is date stamped wrapping paper! I saw it on Paper, Plate, and Plane and made a date stamped envelope. To get the dots, I used a pencil eraser and a stamp pad.

I fell in love with this confetti dipped packaging idea I saw on Givers Log and decided to do it to an envelope with glitter. I just smeared a glue stick on the edge and rubbed glitter all over it.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Find lots of great wrapping paper on the find!