Office Supplies Art: Not Just the Normal Stuff.

Pencil Sculptures


It’s amazing how pencils can be transformed into sculptures that look like scary sea creatures.  Visit Jennifer Meastre’s portfolio to see the entire collection. She has a whole section of pieces made with nails!

Push Pin Art


Made by Alison Foshee. I seriously contemplated buying a ton of push pins and covering my cubicle with them. Not sure how she made them but looks like pushpins, maybe foam balls? and poster board.

Crayon Sculptures



Diem Chau made these miniature crayon people. Could they be any cuter? Don’t worry we have crayons too!


113200785747PM_folio Alligator Juniper828200414310AM_norway maple

More great creations from Alison.  I didn’t know that anyone could make staples look so beautiful. If you’re ready to start on that project, get your staples from Shoplet.

Made with Labels

Medium_29200843738PM_small barracuda


Alison rocks it with these labels. She has a ton more of these on her site.

Bic Pen Creations


This great piece was made by Herbert Hinteregger.We did a whole post on crazy bic pen creations. Read it.

Post it Notes


Here at Shoplet, we love post it notes. We’ve done like 5 posts on them. Our readers love:

Post it Note Office Pranks
Post its the 2nd Generation
Post-its Note Art: 8 bit edition

Ready to start copying these guys? Get everything you need at
Push pins
Bic Pens
Post it Notes

Have I missed any good office supplies art? I looked through Google search results forever. Comment and tell us about any others below!