Office Supplies as Christmas Ornament

Recycle Decors Look as Good

While the economy is rolling down the hill, the Christmas spirit does not have to!

The team at Ocean Lakes Family Campground (OLFC in this article) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has issued a contest in which each department of the team has to decorate a tree or a wreath using nothing but things they can find in their own department. According to Barb Krumm, Marketing Director of OLFC, the contest did not started out as is, it was merely a creativity challenge. Everyone in the team was very excited when the challenge was announced, and when all the creative mind unleashes their powers all at once, a challenge turned into a contest.

The requirement of the contest is that purchased decoration is not allowed. Things that can be used include office supplies, signs, electronics, parts of an object and anything else within the competing department. Not only does this contest promotes creativity, it also promotes recycling and the use of extra resources.

With a camper tire, a couple tail lights and other camper parts, the OLFC storage team created a pyschedelic wreath(in the banner above). The front office dug up a 3-foot tall tree from the camp ground that is now festooned with light switches, neon materials, reflectors with a star made out of a washer on top. The game center decorated another wreath with game tickets, glowing objects and toys. The scent of Christmas is prevailing in the office.

The Game Room Wreath Look As Good Recycled

The OLFC team are planning to auction out the items to their summer guests to raise money for charity, but before then, three winners will be anounced – Most Festive, Most Creative Use of Department Supplies and Wow!. ■

via {PRWeb}