Office Supplies Color Match v.6

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself for these next few color matches and try to do them using items at my house. I love old books and old book covers and this first one actually belonged to my great-grandpa. The second one, a 1950s copy of the Catcher in the Rye, belongs to my husband.

I was excited to find my Sanford ArtGum Eraser and Pentel Pocket Brush Pen at the bottom of a box full of supplies.

As a side note, I wonder how many readers are wondering why we write about these things. We had a great meeting about the blog and our various social media networks a few days ago and we came to the conclusion that we want to show everyone how office supplies are fun! (Hence the tagline – Sharing Our Love For Office Supplies) We are an office supplies company and we want our customers to know that a) we like office supplies and b) that you can enjoy shopping for and choosing office supplies. We’re hear to encourage people to love their supplies and to network with those that already do. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas for us, let us know. You can email our marketing team anytime at marketing [at]

And thank you for reading! You guys give me a reason to write everyday. Just in case you are new to our blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Grace and I write about 95% of what you’ll see on this blog. I worked full time for for a few years but now I work out of office for a few different reasons (including my husband being in medical school.) I still love office supplies and I spend hours everyday trying to find the best ones to share with you.

We have an awesome marketing team that coordinates all the different promotions and giveaways that we do plus a few interns helping out with social media. Once again, if you ever need anything – email me – gracej [at] or marketing [at]