Office Supplies Color Match V.8

This week’s color match will totally change the way you look at a printer ink cartridge. Evelin Kasikov imitates a printer when she embroiders and the results are amazing. This is what she says about it –

“CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black=key) is a colour system that is based on the four colours used in traditional offset printing. CMYK embroidery is a hand-made printing process that I developed during my MA studies at Central St Martins 2006–2008. The idea of handmade print started as an academic project. Now, most of my work is based on that. I have created CMYK embroidered illustrations for clients such as The Guardian and WIRED, as well as worked on numerous private commissions.

I use conventional screen angles: Cyan 105˚, Magenta 75˚, Yellow 90˚ and Black 45˚ and prepare dot screens for cross-stitch. Works are stitched using cotton threads in CMYK colours, the intensity of colour depends on the number of strands used. The final outcome is a printed page created by hand. “

Her book Printed Matter even comes with a bookmark to measure screen resolution! I wanted to include everything I found on the website but there is way too much. Check out more of her stuff here

My favorite find for this week’s color match is that Sharpie Gel Highlighter. Everyone keeps talking about them and I want to try one!