Office Supplies That Can Kill You

Just How Powerful Are Your Office Supplies?

Office supplies can be harmful by themselves. How many times have you accidentally stapled your fingers or given yourself a paper cut?

Office supplies can be assembled to invent interesting and quite dangerous office weapons. There are many websites that illustrate how to turn everyday office products into weapons, with step by step instructions including how weapons work, what works best, what hurts the most, and the types of injures that can be sustained.

Mechanical Pencil Gun

What would you launch at your coworker or classmate? The easy to make office weapon will launch anything you can fit in the barrel!

Supplies you need for the Mechanical Pencil Gun:




  • Start with removing the writing cone & pull the eraser shaft out
  • Take one end of the rubber and loop it around the pencil clip then stretch the other end of the rubber band to the end of the barrel & tie it with the second rubber band
  • Make an incision in the center of the eraser to split it but not cut the eraser off
  • Take the rubber band off the pocket clip and slide it into the notch you made in the eraser
  • Finally with the rubber band attached slide the eraser shaft back into the barrel

Members in the forum have either caused injury (bruises / drawn blood) or injured themselves.

“I just tried it, it hurts…

I used 4 rubber bands for power, and one for holding. extra large rubber bands…heheheheheheeh I have a nice purple bruise on my finger from using 2…I’ll trying hitting myself with these 4…….ok I just tried it, it hurts. bad. feels like I just cut it open, sharp pain.

BIC Pen Cross Bow

Imagine firing an ink cartridge from a BIC pen! What injuries can this cause?
As the old saying goes “it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out”!

Supplies you need:




Part I :

  • Dissemble the BIC Pen
  • Poke a hole in the center of the empty tube big enough for the end of the pen to fit.
  • Cut notches on both side of the pen tube to hold the rubber band in place
  • Insert the pen

Part II :

  • Tape the cloths pin to the writing end of the pencil so the part that pinches faces the eraser
  • Tape the bow down to the pencil on the eraser end so it shoots out past the eraser
  • Load the ink cartridge just like you do for the bow and pull it back so it clips into the cloths pin

“i got stabbed in the eye…

hey sup, in response to this i wanted to say i tried making something like this. it ended badly when i got stabbed in the eye and my eye got all bloody and i passed out. i nearly died from this heavy type of machinery. so just to wrap this up…dont be stupid…but yet again if you waste your time making something this lame you are not the smartest person anyway :)”

Air Duster Gun

Imagine firing an ink cartridge from a BIC pen! What injuries can this cause?
As the old saying goes “it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out”!

Supplies you need:


  • Take the pen apart, you only need the outer casing plastic tip
  • Take the plastic straw and put it in the pen casing (if it does not fit, carefully melt the tip until it is soft and roll it on a flat surface to shrink the diameter)
  • Again, this weapon has a dual purpose. The above explains how shoot small items like erasers. By reading the User Response’s we learn how to make ice bullets from the office weapon.

“Please be careful…”

“if you turn it upside down and spray it you can freeze anything”

“if you decide to do an ice bullet, please be carefull. I dont want to hear something on the news about some guy shooting somebody to death with ‘razor sharp ice bullets.’ it would be pretty cool tho……”

Rubber Tec

The Rubber Tec is described as “the most dangerous basic gun there is. With its incredible muzzle velocity it can cause major damage on people, pets and property.”

Look at the stack of Coca-Cola cans that were knocked over by this weapon!

Supplies you need:

  • Pen
  • Thick rubber band

The end result

The damage


  • Hold the rubber band between your thumb and middle finger of your left hand (if you are right handed).
  • Keep the rubber band as tight as possible (your two fingers as far away from each other as possible).
  • The cap on the TEC pen has to sit on the pen as you place it so the rubber band comes between the pen itself and the arm of the cap.

Double Maul

The double maul is described as “the first gun to enter the arsenal of OfficeGuns”. It is fast, reliable and accurate. It is also unstable and may blow up in your face.

All you need to make the “Double Maul” is Maul 32 & 19.


  • Open the Mauly 32 and insert the Mauly 19.
  • It is important to push it all the way in.
  • Hold it firmly in place. The harder you hold, the smaller the chance of premature firing.
  • At this stage it is important to point it in a safe direction. Never, ever look into the front of the gun.
  • It will put your eye out at the first chance it gets.

These may seem really funny and you will most likely get a good laugh from visiting these websites. However these can be really harmful and dangerous to you and your employees.What actions, if any, will you take to avoid your employees or students from making harmful “office weapons?”on an office blog of similar nature, please visit

  • This is really amazing information about office stationary. It should not be given to children because these items are very dangerous for small children’s. So please avoid using these items in front of children.

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  • Blanche Seedorf

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  • Bob939

    Awesome with the crossbow thing but insteadof using a pen shaft for bow use thin paint brush and drill a hole through the pencil and it becomes easily disasembeled and is stronger

  • Daisy

    okay so im not a guy but this lil thing caught my attention and i thought about fire to some of these weapons and yea… i almost burned up this office lol

  • This is really amazing but it is dangerous for small children. They must find some new ways to invent such things.

  • d

    wired just published an articil about stuff like this it gave instructions on how to make a ruler bow/ping-pong zooka/claymore mine/and a bb pencil that was sorta like the mecanicl pencil gun google them there really cool

  • drew

    I swear, if these plans get into the hands of one of my coworkers with a drug addiction then I’m quitting my job

  • Mya

    i must try this. M-U-S-T. but any explosives?

  • It used to be “going Postal” guess it will have to be “Going Office” now.

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  • i used this on my friend she was in PPPPPPPPAAAAAAAIIIINNNNNNNN

  • i used this on my friend ……..she wont talk to me anymore:(

  • G thanks! now im in juvy becuz of UR weapons. But heck it was worth getting my teacher in the hospital.

  • Ahmed ibn Saud

    I can easily hijack a plane with that stuff, thanks!

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  • Tunder

    I shot my sister with one of these and she had to go to hospital to get the bic pen extracted from her leg. Whoops!

  • This is like stone age weapons, but eh… they can kill.

  • Good think that I am not at office. I can use some of these at school though.

  • Not to be a debbie downer, but this is one office product that won’t kill you. Fellowes actually has a new shredder line with SafeSense technology to stop your hands, fingers, pets ears, etc. from becoming spaghetti. Check it out:

    Keep posting!

  • address labels

    i once had a cd rom pop out with the disk spinning so fast it shot out and stuck into the sheet rock wall…needless to say that pc was transfered to the graveyard

  • Uhh, i have already started to think of ways to make them more dangerous. BWAAHAHA!


    p.s. See me on the news!!

  • James

    My inquisitive and mischevious 11 year old just printed this article an he’s going to make them up in school tomorrow. Something about “better than firing paperclips!” into the foam ceiling tiles. Hey, we did the same thing when we were kids so why not? I feel the open-approach to child rearing is always best than restricting their creativity. What do we want? A future world where everyone is an ISO-9000 QA Auditor? G-d forbid!!

  • Josh

    “Don’t forget about the most dangerous item in your office! DHMO. This chemical is everywhere”

    Actually, it’s HOH… Hydrogen Hydroxide.

  • Daryl Leckt

    Where are the flaming Napalm like glue rockets? The delivery system exists [rubber bands + mechanical pens]. American Office Workers must close the “PAYLOAD GAP”! As a Nation, our survival depends on our efforts.WE CAN NOT FALL BEHIND THOSE WHO HATE AMERICA, OUR FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, AND CAPITOLISM. At this very moment Office Workers in Second World Nations are perfecting [O.W.O.M.D.] OFFICE WEAPONS OF MASS DISRUPTION! Only by the development of “GLU-POLM PAYLOADS” for our “RUBBER BAND ROCKETS”, [can we deter Thier Unprovoked First Strike] implement a policy of [M.O.A.D.] MUTUAL OFFICE ASSURED DISRUPTION. The guarentee of future Office Jobs for our children depends upon this. God Bless America!

  • Brad

    Don’t forget about the most dangerous item in your office! DHMO. This chemical is everywhere

  • Mister Seth

    Hmm~ I now have something to do at work tonight… :3


    i’ve been messing around with a few of these sitting at my desk. . . they’re shockingly dangerous/accurate for weapons made of office supplies. awesome!

  • That looks dangerous.

  • Tinu

    *people* are extremely dangerous, apparently – I wouldn’t want to be a corporate boss at review time.

  • What, no bombs?

  • After reading these office supplies entries, it has become pretty clear to me that office supplies are extremely dangerous. They should be banned everywhere, without delay. These devices are ticking time-bombs waiting to go off at any given moment. You see, we need to think of the children…

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  • Josh

    Man you don’t need to do all that bull wow to make a pencil or pen a deadly weapon the already are. Just is it as a stabbing or thrusting weapon and aim for a vulnerable spot like the neck, genitals or eyes.