office supplies vending machines

My husband texted me from school the other day to say that he saw a vending machine with office supplies! I actually had heard of them before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. I did some research and it looks like Harvard put a few in over a year ago, according to the Crimson. I think they are a great idea, especially because you can use your school ID to buy stuff. And, I love the one below that carries scantrons for you to buy. I’ve never had to buy my own scantron before a test.

Of course, I love when Jim puts all of Dwights office supplies in a vending machine and he has to buy them back with nickels. Have you ever used or seen one of these vending machines before? How did you like it?

Sorry, we don’t actually sell any of these vending machines. Just writing about them!

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  • Grace

    Seriously, I think they are the best idea! I thought it was interesting that in the Crimson article they talked about how the Crimson Cash (the cards students put money on to spend at school) has been kind of worthless because no one wants the vending machine junk. The students actually save 20% when they use their cards instead of regular money so these new office supply vending machines are a great deal for them. Plus, I spent like $5 in quarters a day in JR High on candy. Maybe I would have bought some school supplies instead?

  • Our High School in town has a small version of the office supply vending machine. The kids can buy pens, pencils, notes books and a couple of other items. I think most places need these vending machines. How many times have you been out and about and needed a piece of paper or an ink pen? Think of the money that these machines could produce.