Office Supplies You Have Totally Stolen Before

Alright folks. Just in case our boss is reading this, we just want to say the we’ve NEVER EVER STOLEN OFFICE SUPPLIES. Ok, ok, maybe once or twice… But even though it’s (hopefully) not that common among the Shoplet team or our wonderful readers, more than 2/3 of people asked say they’ve stolen things from their office at least once. Office theft costs companies about 3.2 billion dollars annually, so it’s actually quite an issue. Are you curious to see the list of office supplies you have totally stolen before? recently commissioned an online poll to get to answer that exact question. And the results are pretty interesting. Here are the top 6 from the least to most stolen.


The 6th most stolen office supply is the Stapler! Yup. The stapler. That thing that you maybe need once in a while at work, and then absolutely nowhere else in life. When was the last time we’ve needed to staple something at home? Our best guess is that since they are traditionally considered a part of the ‘complete desk’, they are stolen just to sit at home and look pretty and maybe get put to light use once a year at best.


C’mon, just borrow one.



Coming in at number 5 are tape and tape dispensers. OK, this makes more sense. Tape is one of those things that you either use a lot of, or find a use for: Tape on that broken phone screen; tape to fix your glasses; tape to wrap those birthday gifts. Hey, it’s stolen but at least that thing will see some use.

most stolen office supplies

Oooh… pretty…



The 4th most stolen office supply is the humble notepad. Really? 4th most stolen item? At the Shoplet office, it seems like we’re always trying to get rid of notepads. Maybe it’s just the marketing department but our vendor’s branded notepads are such a common promotional item that we are practically swimming in them. If we just asked for one, we’d probably be thanked and then given 10 to take home.

most stolen office supplies

Please just take it!



The 3rd most stolen office supply is paper or binder clips. Wait, why are those listed together? Since when are paper and binder clips in the same category? The binder clip is basically the staple’s more useful cousin, so we get that. And as far as paper, people probably think “Well, ink cartridges are expensive, and who’s going to miss a couple packages of paper anyway?”  We also have to consider all those who still use their printers like it’s still 1999. You know, for things like MapQuest directions and snail-mailing online articles to their relatives. It adds up we guess!

most stolen office supplies

In it for the thrill of… copy paper?



Post-It Notes come in 2nd place. And yeah, we get that too. Post-It’s are one of those things that you think you don’t need, but they are so simple and useful that you start using them all the time. They might be one of the only truly habit-forming office supplies.

most stolen office supplies

In case you were wondering where they all go.



And in 1st place, to no one’s surprise, are pens, pencils and highlighters. Now we aren’t in the habit deliberately stealing anything, but who among us hasn’t accidentally pocketed a pen at work and took it home? Please. Does that even count? Now, if we are talking about “borrowing” pens from a coworker and not returning them…. most definitely theft. Be on the lookout for people like this. Not returning a (favorite) pen (of mine) is probably an indication of extreme sociopathy and maybe worse! We’re pretty sure “Have you ever stolen your coworker’s pen?” is a question they regularly ask suspects on Criminal Minds or something.

most stolen office supplies

Look at this guy!


Let’s end this post on a good note. 14% of people asked to poll actually said they never stole supplies from their office! That’s around 2nd place if we are counting. So all of you out there doing the right thing, keep it up. You’re reminding the rest us that we probably don’t really need all of the things we think we do, and if we do need some supplies, we probably ought to pay for them. Maybe it’s time to return that stapler that you never use (the color doesn’t go with the room anyway). And perhaps it’s time open that drawer and give back that awesome pen that you borrowed three weeks ago but you are sure that they forgot. You know who you are…

most stolen office supplies

What about you? Have you ever stolen things from your workplace? What have you taken? Take the poll and tell us in the comments below!

Have you ever "accidentally" stolen office supplies from your office before?

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