Office Supply Hacks – Ultimate Hacks For The Office

Given some unrestrained imagination,  spare time, and a few neglected items in the office supply closet, everyone can make their workspace more functional, and create some more fun tools for the home and office.  We are now going to take a look at some unexpected ways to use your daily office supplies readily available in your office. Get organized and save some money with these great low cost, easy to make office supply hacks you can do in less than 1 minute.

Binder Clips Hack

Everyone’s favorite office supply can be transformed into infinite other useful tools in the examples below.

D.I.Y. Notebook Stand

With 4 binder clips and 4 sheets of paper, you can create the most inexpensive notebook stand that will sure to save your computer from over heating as well as unnecessary expenditures.

patterned binder clips

Patterned Paper Clips

Make your own high-end fashionable and functional binder clips that will sure to add personality and accent to even the mundanest of office tasks.

toothpaste binder clip

Toothpaste Clip

Keep you half-used toothpaste accessible by rounding up the end and fastening the end with a binder clip.

office supply hacks

Pictures and pencil holder

This brilliant device use 8 binder clips secured by rubber bands of your choice. The ensuing device will be sure to provide you with endless fun as you try to create intriguing tessellations with various pictures and your favorite pens.


Chips Clip

Keep your favorite snacks fresh and crispy with binder clips.


Hanging folders stopper

Keep your hanging files nicely stable and separated by placing binder clips where you see fit.


Cable catcher

Organize your unruly cables with binder clips.

Paper Clips Hack

The following hacks will take one of the smallest of office supplies into something extremely useful.

office supply hacks

Paper Clip into Clothing Pin

When in need of a clothing pin, grab a paper clip off of the corner of your desk and bend it into its familiar relative, the clothing pin.

Turn Paper Clip into Lock Picks
Check this video out if you want to learn how to turn a little paper clip into the essential tool to pick locks!


Paper Clip into Zipper Pull

When your zipper goes missing, replace the end part with a paper clip, and you will be sure to attract attention where there wasn’t.

Tape Hack

The following hacks below allow you to do quite a lot with a flimsy piece of tape.


Relabel with tape

Next time you’re labeling, lay a strip of clear tape onto the folder tab before you apply your label. Next time you’re re-organizing, re-using the folder will be as simple as pulling the label off the tape. The tape protector works on just about anything you’d potentially re-use, so keep a roll of the clear stuff handy.

page turner

Tape Page Turner

One of my favorite office supply hacks because it is so effortless to make, but so useful, especially when I have to go through massive amount of papers.  Simply reverse tape your index finger. Make sure the sticky side face outside. Rub the sticky part on paper towel, or cloth material a bit, so it picks up some lint and looses some stickiness. Now you have the perfect page turner, with enough stickiness to help you glide through pages.

Rubber Bands Hack

This stretchy little office supply is so versatile and can be transformed into so many things!

rubber band eraser

A Pencil Eraser

Fold a rubber band in half a few times and use it to erase pencil markings.  It works surprisingly well.

Simple Rubber Band Wallet

A Wallet Replacement

Is you wallet showing wear and tear rather ungracefully? Get rid of it.  Instead, wrap your cash around your ID and credit card and then wrap a rubber band around the outside of the cash.

Elastic Hold-It-All

elastic holder

Completely original. This simple hack will turn your cubicle into the MOMA of office supplies. All you need is 2 push pins, with an elastic band of your choice in between. And viola, you now have an extremely versatile device that will hold almost anything from pictures, to notes, to pens, to decorative objects, to even my lunch!

Exacto Knife Hack
office supply hacks

Turn  your used Exacto blades into an inspired ninja weapon.

Letter Tray Hack

Place all your unruly hardware on your desk and you will have the extra space you always craved for on your desk.

Clipboard Hack

clipboard frame

With a little bit of time and effort. You could turn the ugliest particle clip-board lying around into the best looking photo frame of your choice! This should also be relatively inexpensive compared to any store bought photo frame.

Ruler Hack

post its holder

This is a ruler turned post-its holder, that is probably more applicable to certain offices than others. This is for all the cubicles that have cloth material as dividers. Though this type of material may be good at muffling sounds, and pinning thumb tacks in, the material is really bad at holding anything with a sticky surface. Thus, thanks to my ingenious co-worker, he devised this ruler hanging by a thumb-tack to be a hold all for post-its! Ingenious!

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