Office Valentine’s Day-Red Swingline Stapler


Valentine’s day in the office is much different than Valentine’s day in elementary school. If only we could come with decorated boxes and cheap treats and cards for each other. Sometimes I’m still tempted to buy those Power Ranger valentines for all my friends from the store. Especially when they come with a pack of Nerds.

Now maybe Power Ranger valentines are not the most appropriate gift for your boss,  but how about the Red Swingline Stapler? Not only is it from the movie Office Space (which is an office favorite I assume,) it’s cheap! Get it here for $15.22. Plus, it looks like you actually tried. Something better than the Necco sweethearts or box of chocolates he or she will probably get from someone else.

Are you the boss? Get a Swingline Stapler for your secretary or for the February Employee of the Month! Or give it to that workaholic spouse of yours. Maybe they’ll remember you when they use it. Happy Stapling!

  • The stapler is cute. If my boss doesn’t like it, I plan to use it myself. :) Thanks for the link to low price.

    Thanks, Sue.