Our Green Initiatives


At Shoplet , we take pride in delivering quality business and office supplies for small and medium sized businesses. But we also know that the very industry we excel in is the most harmful industry to the environment ever since the first trees were cut down to make paper. On top of that, the toxic manufacturing practices and fossil fuel-hungry shipping procedures do nothing to help the reputation of office suppliers.

Instead of just sitting here and saying, ‘oh well,’ we decided to start taking responsibility for our industry and the consequences that our industry has on the environment.

Now, we could have just written some things about how sorry we were and dropped some unreachable visions just to look good, and then gone back to resuming the same practices that we have always been doing.

We chose to recycle the clichés and actually DO something real. At an internal level, we made some changes to the culture here at the Shoplet office. We stopped using the plastic cups in the break room that people would mow through. We began a recycling initiative – which believe us, is not an easy thing to do in Manhattan. Persistent was key, as we badgered the building management to allow us to collect and divide our recycling in our office.  We made sure to be more conscious of how much energy we were using; developing a “steppin’ out, lights out” policy for our conference rooms, video studio, and break rooms. We also installed light timers in our bathrooms to conserve some energy in that regard.

Shoplet has been a trail blazer in providing small and medium sized business with the ability to share a similar vision of responsibility; while still offering the most diverse selection of green business and office products that any small or medium sized business can afford.

To help with this goal, we decided to add a few tools to ensure the simplest and most helpful shopping experience possible. We created our ‘Green Calculator’ tool, which displays the huge impact that Shoplet’s customers have made through their environmentally friendly purchasing decisions. We then added our ‘Green Your Cart’ tool that provides the customer with environmentally-friendly alternatives to the products in your cart. Additionally, we provided a ‘Green Your Search’ tool that allows you to filter your search to only produce eco-friendly product results. We even give you some easy tips on what you can do to help run your business a little greener.

But we didn’t just stop there. We decided to employ some radical tactical changes. We thought – how can we help externally?

Then it hit us: a partnership! There are an innumerable amount of organizations whose sole intent is to repair or sustain the state of the environment.  Then early in 2014, we teamed up with Trees.org and launched our groundbreaking CareShareGrow campaign. With every order placed through our website, Shoplet will plant a tree on your behalf. To date, we have saved over 115,000 trees. Our ultimate goal is to plant one million trees! That’s the equivalent of two-hundred forests!

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Our partner, Trees.org, is a Non-for-Profit organization that is dedicated to restoring the natural and necessary resources in underserved communities around the world. Trees.org’s efforts help revive landscapes and ensure sustainable farming practices for years to come.

Since our inception, we have gone from offering a mere 2 eco-friendly business and office supplies, to a whopping 100,000 green products to date! Even just since early 2014 we have expanded our selection an extraordinary 500%!

Once upon a time, the average carts were made up of around 40% green items. Nowadays, Shoplet customers average north of 70% of the items in their cart to be comprised of green products – an incredible number!

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On top of all that, Shoplet has managed to make our eco-friendly products price competitive – if not cheaper – than our competitor’s non-green alternatives.

Now, we are by no means saying that we are going to save the world ourselves; nor are we saying that we have figured out some revolutionary way to reverse the effects of global warming. Rather, we are acknowledging that the onus is on us – and you – to do anything and everything in your power to give back to the environment as much as humanly possible. After all, it’s the collective, small operational changes that will end up making a huge environmental impact.

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So, as you can see, we are proud to discuss our vision and contributions. Isn’t it fitting that our green initiatives compliment the natural growth that Shoplet has seen in the office supply industry.

And we’re not done yet. We will continue to learn and grow. After all, we know that improving the environment is about progress, not perfection. It’s the small changes that can make a big difference. So join us in our journey to make Green products the standard across the country and around the world.

Now you can think green and shop green, too. Choose Shoplet for the most comprehensive selection of Green products, and join us in our vision to give back to our planet.