Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin.

Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin is about the impact of standardized testing on our educational system. The artwork hangs like a curtain from the ceiling 12’ 3” height x 28’wide and ¼” depth (the thickness of a pencil.)

From the article – Pencils Make a Point

“Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin asks us to consider which way we’re headed. “Real creativity and problem solving are the future,” Berman declares. “New technologies, new ideas – that takes creativity and problem solving.” Yet those are concepts and skills not easily taught through increasingly structured, by-the-book curriculum.”

I love that she had all the pencils sent to her after they were used for a standardized test. That is a lot of pencils to collect! Read more about Harriete Estel Berman and see more of her projects on her website.