Pixel Art Takes A New Spill

I am always a sucker for gimmicks inspired by the old gaming days. These colorful drink coasters may just look like an abstract pattern, but thanks to some well placed perforations, you can actually make your own custom pixel art creations out of them.

Pixel Coasters by 25togo

The coasters come in a single sheet, folded in 50 segments (or 50 coasters) that you can cut in any way you want using the one-centimeter-long square perforations that divide each segment into 110 pixels. Through what sort of amounts to “pixel sculpting”, you can create your own personalized designs.

Pixel coaster

They come in a stack of 50 coasters, which start out conjoined into a 500cm (almost 200″) long chain which can be broken apart into individual pieces. Each square has a random arrangement of color shades, so each coaster is just a little different from the next one.

They’re made from a resilient paper fiber that should hold up to the condensation you might get on the bottom of your cup, or the occasional spill. In addition to the blue palette.At this point Pixel Coasters are only available from Taiwanese design retailer 25togo.

[via Technabob]