Post-It Notes Art

The Post-it note, invented by Arthur Fry and manufactured by 3M, is a piece of stationery with a strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents, computer displays, and so forth.It’s hard to believe after seeing these pictures that when Post-It Notes were initially launched by 3M the product failed. 3M started out by giving away the product for free in Boise Idaho. By 1980 post-it notes were being sold nationwide and the product took off. It Looks Like It Could Have Been Painted…

Post-it notes Elvis

This mosaic piece of Elvis was created by a couple of co-workers over the 2005 Memorial Day weekend. If you look closely at the different usage of colors you can see differences between the features of the face, hair, shadowing, etc. It looks like it could have been painted!

Post-it Notes Room

Post-it Notes Room

A conceptual/installation artist, Rebecca Murtaugh, chose to turn her bedroom into a room full of post-it notes! These pictures show amazing contrast in color, time, and dedication.

post-it notes jaquarHow would you react to your JAGUAR covered with post it notes (not mention all the adhesive glue)? This practical prank was viewed all over the world including a documentary on ABC News.


post-it notes Mario

This figure was made from post-it notes by an employee in the company lunch room after hours.

What an extraordinary way to use Post It Notes instead of the normal boring uses we all use them in the office!

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