posts from the past: 2009

6 months ago I did a post titled Posts from the Past: 2007 & 2008. I guess it is probably time to share some posts from 2009 that some of our newer readers might have missed. This is actually the exact time I started working for Shoplet (January 2009) and writing for the Shoplet Blog. Some of these discoveries are still exciting in my mind – especially the post about ping pong tables which I had so much fun researching and writing. Enjoy!

10 creative and practical bookcases

Keyboard for Blondes – I still kind of want this.

Your stapler can do what? – Flip the plate below the stapling part and switch the way you staple your paper! You may have to read the post for that to make sense

10 ways to drive your co-workers crazy– I wrote a lot of these posts actually.

Office Supplies Art Not Just the Normal Stuff – one of our most popular posts!

Did Staples expect this with the easy button? – Lots of funny things that people have made with the Easy button.

Ping Pong Table for the Office – So many cool ping pong tables!

Dry Erase Board Art – There are some serious masterpieces in the post.

350 uses of scotch tape!– Wow.

Lol cats in your office – I promise that at least one of these will make you laugh.

Mini Toolboxes made from altoid tins – probably the most popular tutorial we have posted

How to make it to work on time! – My personal tips.