Prints Inspired by the Neche Collection

Artist Veronica Corzo-Duchardt has been visually documenting the items in her grandfathers desk ever since he passed away in 2009. She describes her grandfather, Neche, as a Cuban Exile of Lebanese descent, accountant, collector, and sometimes thief. She began daily posts of the objects from his desk (starting on April 15th, his favorite time of year) and she creates a print each week that is inspired by the items she finds. Below are a few of my favorite prints and you can shop all of the prints in her store.

Looking through the Neche Collection has made me feel sad that I wasn’t there when my grandparents’ houses were cleaned and emptied. (I probably would have wanted to save everything so maybe it’s a blessing I wasn’t there.) I think that the items in our desks say a lot about who we are as people and can be evidence of some of things we value the most. Plus, you’re bound to find something hilarious – like Neche’s strategies for winning the lottery.

Did you inherit anything cool from your ancestors’ desks?

  • andrea m

    beautiful and creative