Real Simple Ideas for New Uses in 2012

Did you catch our post from last January about Real Simple’s new uses for office supplies? Here are some more new uses for items you have around your house! (Someday I will own a pasta maker to make pasta AND to shred beautiful paper, just like that pic)

1 – Pasta Maker becomes a Paper Shredder
2 – Pencil Erasers as Wall Protectors
3 – Earrings as Pushpins
4 – Sheet Pans as Stationery Caddies

5 – Spice Containers for Office Supply Storage
6 – Magnetic Clip Recipe Holder
7 – Binder Clip Cord Holder
8 – Spring as Desktop Organizer
9 – Packing Tape as Nut and Bolt Organizer
10 – Nonskid Rug Pad as Drawer Liner