remembering the good days with office supply signs.

Sometimes you can’t help but feel a twinge in your heart for the old days. As someone who’s not old enough to have actually experienced living in the old days, I feel a lot of that twinge. I love seeing old signs and thinking about the way things were. Back to school shopping, for me, growing up included my family going to the local office supplies store (i’m not saying which one…) and buying new backpacks and supplies. Once you got home, you would rip all the packages open and organize all your supplies in your backpack and pick out your first day of school outfit (very important).

I’d like to think in the days when these signs were first made, families went shopping together and each kid picked out a shiny new #2 pencil and a spiral bound notebook. They would rejoice over these small purchases as they climbed into their Ford automobile or horse and carriage and hug each other all the way home. Is that how it was?

Now things are different..and easier I guess. Now parents don’t have to stress about going in stores, fighting the crowds, not being able to comparison price shop between stores all over the country, fighting their kids as they shop, and eventually getting everything home.

So here’s to life getting easier and easier AND remembering the days when things were different

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