Stamp Donald Duck

Somehow I missed out on something free at work. A few weeks ago Trodat was here, teaching everyone how to help customers create custom stamps online, and those that attended got to choose a free custom stamp! My dear co-worker whose name starts with a D (I’m pretty sure you can guess his name) chose Donald Duck.

When we first started selling these stamps, I just thought they were nice for companies and the government just wanting to stamp PAID and FRAGILE on everything. Then I discovered, we can all do with one or five of these custom self-inking stamps. Have you ever made 200 postcards using stamps? (diy coming soon) It’s very tiring to continually hit that stamp pad! Want to create/buy your own custom stamp? Choose one here. You can do everything from words to logos to clipart and even pick different colors.

I know some of those look boring but use your imagination! Stamps are a very good time.