Tape Dispenser-Make Your Tape the Envy of Other Dispensers

fun tape dispenser

Mr. T Tape Dispenser

The title can’t say it any better. The following tape dispensers inject undiluted fun, humor, unexpectedness into that everyday object you have lying on your desk, although rarely used and hardly noticed, still takes up quite a chunk of real estate on your desk. In the tape dispenser above, MR. T has a new job, instead of illuminating the room with a lampshade on his head ( controllable by his not-so-private private parts ), he’s now attempting to do sit-ups taping the inside of his mouth to his feet. You can help exercise your tape and Mr.T by pulling the tape from his mouth to his feet.

cassette tape dispenser

Cassette Tape Dispenser

The 80’s are back. Who ever said that tape cassettes are a dying form, sure didn’t expect their return in a much more utilitarian tape dispensers. Not only are these mementos from the 80’s way retro cool, they are sure to make you want to groove to the rhythm of the 80’s and the rhythm of your tape, the sticky kind.

Karate Kid Tape Dispenser

I would watch my hands if I were to pull a piece of tape from this tape dispenser. There is a karate kid guarding the territory. This sure makes the process of pulling out tape a much more adventurous process!

USB Tape Dispenser

This has to be the coolest USB gadget after…?@! Actually, I have yet to see an uncool USB gadget. Now, the question remains, does the rotating of the tape in anyway powers the dispenser, which in turn powers USB devices attached to it?

Automatic Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser will automatically dispenses tape at the click of a button. Sigh, our society’s advance in modern technology has certainly improved our living and working standards. However, am not sure if this tape dispenser actually streamlines the entire process of dispensing tapes, or just complicate our lives slight more at the end of the day?

  • thank you for sharing

  • The manual ones are really cool!
    The automatic is simply stupid…. :)

  • That top one looks like he’s trying to do situps! Just looking at it makes my neck hurt :)

  • As I scrolled through the page each tape dispenser got better and better. What fantastic ideas and prefect for any desk!