TaxFest 2009 : Laugh, Cry, Get Organized

Growing up I don’t think I ever recognized tax season. Our tax man Neil would always come over to our house once a year, after dinner and that was the only time of year we ever saw him. Past age 18, my knowledge of tax season and what a pain it is has continually increased until this year when I am so over this whole tax thing. Working at 2 different places in one year doesn’t sound that complicated but add in the fact that I’ve moved to a new state and all the sudden it is a mad panic. I was frantically looking for my W2 a few days ago and my roommate said that “sometimes the mail man just doesn’t deliver the mail at our apartment.” So where does it go. Is Newman my mailman? Anyways.. in light of my new favorite, once a year task, I thought I’d pull together some good stuff for tax season.

Responsible Stuff

Tips to Help Organize Tax Preparation

Guide to a Stress Free Tax Season

Now on to the more entertaining, laugh so you feel better stuff.

Dave Barry reports some great changes for this tax season:

• Taxpayers filing the standard Form 1040 will no longer be required to calculate line 43(b), Adjusted Gross Prehensile Net Income, which the IRS recently acknowledged was, quote, “a prank.”

• To help stimulate the economy, the Imaginary Child Tax Credit has been increased to eleventeen jillion willion dollars.

• Taxpayers who report income derived from eating sheep eyeballs on the TV show “Fear Factor” will be deported, as specified in the National Gene Pool Recovery Act.

• Taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions may now file their tax returns via Etch A Sketch.

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