The C-O-L-L-E-G-E Sculpture


A few months ago, a student from Bard college emailed us, asking if we could donate a few boxes of paper clips to her senior art project. I’m so happy that she chose us to help with such an awesome sculpture! (We all know how much I love office supplies art.) What inspired her to create this giant “COLLEGE” sculpture? Here’s what she says:

The piece is meant to raise a dialogue about the relationship between art and education. Bard College has a history of funding issues, especially in the area of day-to-day academics…My sculpture is meant to act as both a high-budget art installation and funding for the everyday academics at school. At the end of the school year, the piece will be deconstructed and the materials resold or recycled to start a “Chalk Fund” that will provide school materials at Bard.”

She’s been planning/building the sculpture during the 2009-2010 school year and now it is complete! Watch her video tour or scroll below for lots and lots of pics.

Give me a C It’s a slide!


Give me an O It’s stairs + a secret ladder! (notice all those paper clips??)

dscn3263 dscn3270


Give me an L – Made out of cliff notes!



Give me a G – Made out of stress balls!


This lady didn’t run through it as happily as Abby did in her video tour.


Give me a G – Hard to tell it’s a a G but I believe her!

Give me an E – Made out of Doors! Doors to choose your future…




I was thinking that was a lot of work until I saw her plans for the sculpture and then I became extra impressed.

The C


The O

The L‘s


The E
The G

The Last E


We made it on the list! Not sure if we deserve it for donating paper clips but we’re happy to have our name associated with College: the Sculpture.


Great Job Abby!  Visit her site to learn more about the project or visit her sculpture from 2:00pm – sundown everyday until May 22nd. COLLEGE: The Sculpture is located outside on Bard Campus off Blithewood Road.

Just had a high school flashback about Cliff Notes? Find them at The