The Guide to the Infamous Office Jello Prank

The Office Jello Prank has been around. It has been forgotten, or even unheard of to some, until the show “The Office” brought it back in one of its episodes.

Here are some successful and rather interesting results:

A Speaker of a Phone in Jello The Entire Phone in Jello and a Taunting Note A Stapler in Jello - Classic A Keyboard and a Mouse in Jello

Here is a guide:


5 boxes of Jello
1 Container
1 object (a stapler, a phone, a pen etc – anything without paper content, obviously)
a few pieces of string
a ruler that is longer or wider that the container

1. Tie a string around the object you want to “trapped” inside the jello and hang it onto the ruler like so. Make sure there is space between the ruler and the object.

2. place the object into the container. At this point the object should neither be touching the bottom and the side of the container nor the surface of the ruler. The object should only have contact with the string.
The above the steps is the heart of the trick and is use to achieve the “anti-gravity” effect inside the jello.

This rest of the trick is fairly simple.

3. Cook up the Jello gelatin and fill the container until the object is submerged.

4. put the container into the fridge until the is solidified.

5. cut of the strong tied around the object and remove it along with the ruler.

6. Flip the container and start shaking until the jello(and the object) is removed from. Use a plastic spatular if needed.
And voila! Pretty, isn’t it?■

  • Very pretty and great for April fools day. But I might “eat” some…because it looks sumptuous. lol. A soft thing in “disguise”.

  • This is just brilliant and to think that last year I was looking for stuff to do to the people in the office in December ha ha going to really remember this for birthdays this year thats for sure, thanks!!

  • My favorite “Office” trick, revealed! Never wondered how the objects stayed centered. Now I know! Thanks for sharing, and I definitely agree with the Office Supply Geek: Do not do to anyone that will make you regret it!

  • I think you left out a few additional points:

    1. Do not do to anyone who is bigger than you.
    2. Do not do to anyone who has the authority to fire you.

    Great post though! :)