the show us your desk series

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Design*Sponge series – What’s in your toolbox? They’ve interviewed designers, illustrators, and all sorts of cool people! I love finding out about the best products to use for each task and finding out new ones that I’ve seen before.

Now, I’m not saying I’m someone who deserves a “what’s in my toolbox” post but. I think we all have very specific things on our desks and ways we stay organized. And that is what I’m going to share with you today. My desk! In return, I want to see your desk. We’ll get to that a little later.

First of all, this is my secret to not losing important papers and keeping a messy desk clean success. I got it from Esselte when they came to visit our office a few months ago and it’s similar to these File Pockets. It’s super easy to do a quick clean up and throw pay stubs, bills, junk email, magazine clips, and everything else, especially when we have visitors! If I can’t find some paper I need, I know it’s in there.

Second secret to success – the wooden box. I got this item at an estate sale and knew exactly what I was going to do with it! There are soo many items we seem to use everyday. All sorts of cords, laundry cards, sunglasses, and random junk items can be thrown in here. I try to clean it out every month or so and put away all the stuff that is not essential (like jewelry I was too lazy to put away or old coupons that have expired)

(this is what it looks like on the inside! Messy but when closed, no one can see!)

Here’s some of our essential desk items. (I’ll link to what I can!)

Tombow correction tape – let’s be honest. I’ve never used this. But I am inspired by how awesome the design is! I just can’t get over it.
Color Pencils – I really like jotting down to-do lists with colored pencils. They never bleed through paper and they are usually bright and easy to notice/remember.
Bic Mark-It Tuxedo Black– I love the blue too! The Ultra-Fine tip is perfect for labeling things and even great for everyday writing.
Stainless Steel Sharpie – just because it makes me feel cool. I’ve actually never used it!
A nail file – you have to do something while those pictures upload
Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens– May be one of my most treasured pen finds. For 2 bucks, they have a unique purple color and they are perfect for writing postcards and nice handwritten notes
Pilot Frixion pens– so easy to erase! And they never bleed, leak, or come apart in my purse.
Pilot G-Knock – or any other pilot rollerball pen for that matter
Jonathan Adler Sticky Notes – my friend gave these to me for a thank-you gift and I use them all the time! I love the different sizes.
Check book – always seem to need that thing
Postal stamps – always nice to have on hand!
Scotch Tape and Double Stick Tape
Field Notes Memo Book – i write to-do lists and make mini calendars in here. Big plus, it doesn’t weigh down my purse!
Flashlight that the handyman left behind one day
Blistex Chapstick
Apple Remote
Wd Hard Drive – easy to transport, fun colors, works great for time machine
Rubber bands– never know when you’ll need these
Cheap scissors
My glasses – for when my eyes start to get sore
Bobby pins – girls understand, you never can find these when you want them
Leatherman – ya, not mine.

Under the desk, shredder (most are not too stylish so they are better hidden), printer (why waste space on the desk!), and all the ugly cords.

Filing Cabinet. Another place to organize and hide stuff I don’t need all the time. Enough said.

Last of all the office essentials, snacks! My current favorites include a glass of water, instant oatmeal for breakfast from Trader Joe’s, Pinenuts, Sunmaid Yogurt Covered Raisins, Peanut Butter, Whole Wheat Pretzels from Trader Joe’s, Gum, and any type of fruit!

Now I want to see yours! Please? Create a post on your blog and comment with the link and we’ll feature you on our blog! We’ll call it our Show us your desk series. This is what we want to see

– What does your desk area look like?
– Do you have any desk tricks? (tricks to staying organized, making a nicer work environment, etc)
– What are the essential things you use everyday or need on your desk?
– What kind of snacks do you like while you’re working?
– Anything else you want to share! (your favorite work outfit, your favorite work music, etc)

Can’t wait to see your desk!