The Staples of Office Products: The Swingline Red Stapler

Has the red Stapler become an icon. The movie Office Space made the red Swingline stapler the most popular office supply ever and is now the ultimate utilitarian desktop accessory and probably one of the best conversation piece for your office.

Milton and the red stapler
Have You Seen My Stapler? Swingline hadn’t made red staplers in years, and a red Swingline was not available from office supply shops when Office Space was released (a prop department employee, named Ric Trzeciak, painted one PPG red, according to the film’s commentary), but due to popular demand Swingline released a limited run of the red version in 2004.
flickr red stapler
The limited release of the red stapler enabled office workers around the U.S to display their love for the iconic stapler, their nostalgia for the movie Office Space, while likely demonstrating their contempt for office environments. The red stapler has become an icon of corporate culture and maybe even a statement of rebellion against it. On Flickr, you can find hundreds of pictures of people featuring with their own Swingline red stapler in various places, much like the garden gnome in Amelie. Just check Suebobdavis‘s Flickr account, or even better do a search for red swingline stapler in Flickr (or click here).The commercial world has capture this craze. The official Swingline product page describes the product thus: “Discover the stapling star of any office space – the bold head-turning design and legendary performance of Swingline’s Rio Red Stapler.” On other website, the product description push the association of the stapler in the film in quite humorous ways.

Its vibrant red color stands out amongst the grays and beiges that consume office space. The sleek, smooth retro lines. The sheer weight. The precise, solid movement. The mechanics. The thick, dense sound as paper is conjoined. […] Durable metal construction with a retro style. 20 Sheet capacity. Jam resistant. Uses S.F. 4 Premium Staples (not included). 7 inches x 2.5 inches. TPS Reports not included.

tps report

The Swingline Stapler is available at specific stores such as – and if you are afraid of getting your stapler stolen, don’t forget to get the Swingline Security system, with it. Finally, if you are the Hardcore fan, why don’t you get the iconic red stapler on a Tshirt or coffee mug while you are at it, here.