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Bumptop - the ultimate Laptop

Christmas came early this year ! As I without fail checked my Gmail account last Friday September 19th, expecting another bunch of emails that normally suffers through the inevitable fate of mass deletion, something piqued my eye luckily before my fingers were able to hit the delete key. Could it be?! Yes it is! The Bumptop has finally arrived at my door steps, or rather my electronic portal! I was ecstatic that my month of anxious waiting and yearning to be among one of the first Bumptop’s Beta users has been not for nought. I got the confirmation download code to this software’s beta release. For those of you who are not fortunate enough to be using this next-generation desktop interface, I took some screen shot highlighting some of the main features of this amazing desktop application. Enjoy.

The unruly files on my desktop can be at the click of a button, be easily piled into various stacks of similarly typed file document. Oh, and Anand, Steve Jobs watches over me too.

My desktop, at a disarray. File icons can be sized up or down to give visual, hierarchical, as well as physical weight to your desktop files. Two of the most brilliant features of this application are the default printer and email icons hanging on the wall. Dragging files to the printer icon will command the printer to print out the desired files, and dragging the file to the email icon will cause your default mail application to automatically attach the desired files to a new email.

The Bumptop has the option to enter infinity mode, meaning there is more or less no limit to the amount of virtual desktop space you can use to spread your files!

The Bumptop has amazing ways of accessing files when they are stacked indiscriminately together. The files can be spread like poker cards.

The files can be flipped through like photo albums. This clever little file access mode can be simply accessed through the turning of the wheel on your mouse.

These files can be neatly displayed in grid structure to provide organized viewing.

Anything, and I mean anything can be tacked on the wall to resemble my own personal miniature art photography gallery.

Another personalized viewing of my art gallery. Yes, I took all these photos ( and yes, I know these are good ).

Last, but not least, within each folder, lies the capability to be turned into its own miniature Bumptop! Brilliant

Oh, and my only suggestion for this wonderful desktop application, can someone ( hello Anand, a.k.a. the coolest Asian dude after Harold and Kumar, and the dittiest asian rapper all around, and the Bumptop Team ) please put a giant vacuum somewhere so I can easily suck away all the junk files I create in the process of creation, or just something that’s really really easy to clean house! See below!

Much much love to the Bump Top Team!

  • Zchef

    Super cool interface, esthetically pleasing desktop.

  • Surdeep

    This looks like a awesome desktop

  • HellTempest

    Wow, this looks really cool, and will be sure to enhance my desktops functionality as well as aesthetic value!

    And, by the way, do you have any idea when it will become an open beta, and if it will require payment to use?

  • Marek_SP

    This is amazing! How long will it take to release a public beta or something?

  • ice

    been waiting over a year. To be honest, its not really looking very impressive now.

  • wow! this looks like a lot of fun, and much more human kind of interface. congrats on being in the beta- look forward to it becoming more widely accessible….

  • this is way cool. can’t wait till it comes out of private beta testing so the rest of us can start using it and throwing things around on our desktop :)

  • Anon.

    Way to be humble about your photography??

  • hmm very interesting. Maybe worth trying it out!

  • I just wish software like that would replace Exploder completely….