Trash Cans – Can Look Nice

Or I should say, trash cans SHOULD look nice! Just a thought for the weekend. I know all those hidden “under the sink” garbage bins don’t matter but what about the ones you proudly display in your kitchen or next to the copy machine? Shouldn’t they look nice too? 20 bucks says your clients will appreciate a nice garbage can over one of those fake plants. Most of these ones are Rubbermaid Trash Cans but we have tons of other brands and types of Trash Cans. Don’t you just love the colors they use for Recycling Containers?

You can buy my two favorites here:

Silver and Red Rubbermaid Step-on Container

Black and Silver Rubbermaid Step-on Container

P.S. Yesterday, we helped someone on twitter who had a question “Old-school office supplies ? I want some stuff to stick a business card on a flyer, but have it easily removable. Thoughts?”

We came to the rescue as quickly as we could and recommended Double-Sided Removable Scotch Tape. If you ever have a question, will you ask us? We have some good experience and some great connections to get answers. Just email us at marketing [at]! (or comment on any blog post)