trendy office supplies >> silly bandz

Inspired by a tweet I read this morning from RobbieAmster

“It astounds me how Silly Bandz are so popular when they’re just glorified office supplies. So here’s my million-dollar idea: Crazy Staplez.”

My first encounter with Silly Bandz was at a 7-11 by our house and I wondered, what are these things? Does anyone buy this stuff? Second encounter. A few weeks ago, I visited my nieces and they were obsessed with silly bandz. The person who thought of making rubber band shapes is a genius. Super cheap to make, easy to lose, lots of different shapes > all these things guarantee that parents will be constantly buying more and more silly bandz.

Wow, she wears them to! Maybe it’s time to start wearing these in the office! Then you’ll always have that rubber band you’re looking for.

How many packs of these things have you bought for your grandkids? Or for yourself? Are you sick of silly bandz yet??