Turn into Office Supplies for Halloween

I could write long comments about each of these costumes. Instead, I will say that my favorites from this group are the Swingline Stapler, Scissors, the dog in a pen, Clippy, and the group of highlighters. If you love office supplies so much, why not become one yourself for Halloween? (Links to where I found all the costumes are at the bottom of the post.)

Oh and if you dress up as an office supply for Halloween, will you send us pics? Please?

Pencil; Pen – Dog Costume; Crayon Costume – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Paper Clippy Costume; Elmer’s Glue Costume – 1, 2; Red Swingline Stapler + Paper Costume; Sharpie Highlighter Costumes; Stabilo Highlighter Costume; Scissor Costumes – 1, 2; Office Space Post-it Note Guy; File Folder Costume;