Wake up Geek Style (w/o this face)

Besides the rain, this is just a tough time of year. It’s almost summer and it’s hard to wake up for work/school/life. I usually have to create more than one way to wake myself up. Currently, I have two alarms set in my phone plus I don’t have curtains on my windows yet. When I wake up it’s always really light and I’m always scared I slept through my alarm, only to find out I still have at least an hour of sleep. It’s kind of like camping. I think the phone alarm is a great option except for when you’re really tired and you get confused as to whether someone is calling or texting you and you just hit the off button and get sleeping. Anyways, if I had it my way, I’d have a new system. Check these:

First line of defense: Sleep. FM
Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock_1240321737845
Wake up to the weather forecast and a nice soothing voice. You can even customize it. The best option of this service is that they have a back up alarm that will go off if your internet is down (which is vital if your only internet option is to mooch off that poor connection from your neighbor.) I also love waking up to a great playlist on my iPod. Just get speakers and set your alarm!

Backup: A Geeky Alarm Clock
We’ve got a few options here.

Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock with Thermometer
Time Bomb Alarm Clock
You’ll be blasted awake! I actually think this would scare me to death. It ticks for a little bit before the alarm explodes. To stop it all you have to do is pull the fuse.

Hello Kitty Moving Alarm Clock
For that geeky girl or guy. Besides just being cute when the alarm goes off, Hello Kitty starts moving around which sounds semi interesting.

Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock
Sounds soothing at first but I guess after 40 lights you get blinded by one really bright one. Maybe this one isn’t the best option for me either.
I’ve decided that I want a clap off alarm clock. (I couldn’t really find one. Has anyone seen one of those? Please post a link to it in the comments below!) But really I wouldn’t even have to turn over, and it would get my arm muscles moving for a second. I wouldn’t even have to open my eyes.

Backup #2: The Carpet Alarm Clock
It looks like a normal mat with a clock but when it goes off in the morning you’ll have to struggle to get both of your feet on it to turn it off. The only thing I fear with this option is that I will get confused and try to put both my hands on it in some sort of weak hand stand and eventually fall on my head. I’d say this one is much nicer than the next.
Mean little thing. It starts off to just hanging out on your nightstand but when it goes off, it rolls itself off of your dresser and starts scurrying around. Now you have to catch that thing and you’re up! Oooh shiny version too!

The Last Resort: DIY Water Gun Alarm Clock
This is for those that are really desperate. I don’t even know how to works, but I did saw the alarm clock go off and the lady get squirted in the face. That was definitely entertaining enough. Watch the How To Video and the girl getting soaked at Gizmodo.

Don’t worry, we have alarm clocks at Shoplet.com too. Buy one of ours and make your water gun alarm clock!