Whiteboard your walls with WallMates

I finally whiteboarded my walls with my new At-A-Glance WallMates! I hadn’t heard anything about this new product until I received them in the mail this week. Basically, you choose what design or size you want (do you want blank or a calendar, etc) and then you peel it off like a giant sticker and stick it on your wall. I was amazed at how smoothly they went on, considering that I live in a super old apartment with lumpy, paint flaking walls. I left them up for a couple of days to see if they would slowly fall off and they haven’t budged yet.

Each WallMate comes with a black dry-erase marker that works really well although I definitely need to get some more colors. It’s important that you read their instructions inside the package about which markers you can use and how to clean the board properly. (I hate when you get a whiteboard ghost and you can’t get rid of it!)

I wasn’t sure how to use each one they sent me but the more I thought about it, I really can use them all!.

The Open/Blank Planning Surface– Perfect for brainstorming and creating a task list. I love that I can stick my reminders on post-it notes and hold other pieces of paper with Avery NoteTabs.

The Yearly Planning Surface– Great for a reference and planning ahead for different marketing campaigns.

The Weekly Planner – I use this one for my personal planning.

Monthly Planner- More specific details about which marketing campaigns we are running for the month.

My only con for this product line is that they don’t look as nice on white walls. I think they need some type of black border or something around them. Other than that, I think they are great! I’m excited to move them around to different parts of my apartment and maybe pass off a few of them to some neighbors. I love that they are reusable and reposition-able! We don’t sell all of the models mentioned in the post but you can buy a few of the WallMates on Shoplet and the other ones on At-A-Glance’s website.