Win a Swingline Laminating Bundle (CLOSED)

  • Milt

    I have this really cool looking Wood Tones Desktop Sorter, to hold and sort all my letters.

  • Marc

    I have my amazing desktop organizer, which I use to keep track of all my essential business items.

  • Aaron

    I get lots of magazines, and I definitely need my magazine file, to keep them all in place and easy to find.

  • Malv

    My letter tray is the best way to keep all my letters in order; so, I can keep them available to look at.

  • Rob

    I like to keep my papers and files, with my handy file organizer.

  • Paulet

    My desk supplies organizer keeps everything where I need it.

  • Kirsten

    It has to be my shredder. It helps me keep my desk organized. I feel like I am eliminating a lot of paper waste and I recycle it!

  • Angela Saver

    My printer is my favorite desk accessory because it is my most used item & I can’t live without it! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Melanie huttner

    My favorite desk accessory is a picture frame with a photo from my wedding because it makes me smile!

  • Lauren Jones

    My fav desk accessory is a paper shredder….I am kind of addicted to shredding…lol and I love gel pens

  • Thresha Kilkenny

    As silly as it may be, I’d have to say my pencil holders. My kids have made me many of them through the years and they organize pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, etc., very nicely. :)

  • Tiffany Pierce

    My printer and scanner. I home school so it makes things more convenient for me. Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  • Tiffany Pierce

    It would have to be my printer and scanner. I home school so it makes it very convenient. Thanks so much for the chance!

  • marcia semones

    Printer and pens!

  • robyn donnelly

    My computer modem for obvious reasons other than desk light.

  • Michelle N.

    I love my mechanical pencils and giant eraser. I like knowing that I can go back and make corrections

  • Angela helton

    My favorite desk top accessory would be my pen!! You need it to jot down everything so you don’t forget!

  • Melissa Ashbrook

    My pens and pencils! You can’t live without them. :)

  • Amanda Shearouse

    My printer and scanner. So important!!

  • Amy G

    My favorite desk accessory is my stapler!

  • Valerie L

    printer and scissors

  • Jeannette F

    My printer.LOVE saving money with coupons I print!

  • Mary Hoffman

    My Favorite Desk Accessory is my Table Top Family Tree Waterfall! It sounds so soothing & even has a very soft glow light behind it. I just love being able to relax at my computer with Calming things around me!

  • My favorite desk accessory is my tape dispenser – I use tape for so many things.

  • Erica Sprankle

    My favorite desk accessory is my printer!

  • Natasha Scott

    I love my printer, it allows me to have access to so many coupons that save me a load of cash each week.

  • Seyma Shabbir

    My favorite is a cup of pens/pencils. I am always taking notes!

  • Amanda Waithe

    White out. I’m always making mistakes when I write.

  • sindaset

    I like my pen and business card holders because they are colorful and vibrant !

  • Marnie

    My favorite is my stapler. I need it to staple many documents each day.

  • Alicia D

    I love my paper clips. Keeps everything organized.

  • Stella Methvin

    I so do need one of these

  • I love a stapler because it keeps my grand kids occupied when I’m busy with my work a laminator would be nice as mine broke the other day♡

  • Kiera Yaniga

    I am obsessed with gel pens and folders on my desk. Would love to add a laminator. Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  • Dolores Hall

    would love to win. thanks so much for the oportunity

  • Kelsey vinson

    I may or may not have a slight obsession with my hole puncher.

  • Wizdom

    I’d love to win! Thanks

  • Carol Burgess

    Love my shredder it can make everything dissappear. Keeps me very organized

  • Gina Gallagher

    My favorite desk accessory is my stapler. It helps me stay organized!

  • my dry erase board. helps me to easily take notes of what I need without using paper and destroying trees

  • Michelle

    My favorite desk top accessories would be wireless mouse and colorful sticky notes with matching pens. Good luck everyone!! And thank you for the chance.

  • Kathy

    My paper clip holder they seem to disappear into thin air or I couldn’t find one when I needed it

  • Jen Donelow

    My colored pens and colored post its, also love my #2 pencils with the big pink erasers lol

  • My favorite item on my desk is my electric stapler! Love it… It will be a sad day when it is no longer working. :-)… For for now I’m Happy! Happy! Happy!

  • Deb C

    My favorite is my shredder. I get some weird satisfaction out of making confetti of crappy paper docs.

  • Martina Kull

    I loved to use colored pens to write.

  • Destany Fulton

    I love my Daily Planner! I couldn’t live without it, and my schedule would be a tornado! :)

  • Heather S

    My favorite desk accessory is a paperweight my grandfather gave me.

  • Erica Thompson

    I am honestly obsessed with office/desk supplies. I love brightly colored pencils, regular and mechanical. I also love collecting all kinds of unique pens. My label maker is pretty awesome, too. This Swingline laminator would be the PERFECT addition to my collection! :)

  • Patricia Henderson

    Pencils, Pens, sticky notes and highlighters. All are staples for accountants! Variety of colors is a MUST.

  • My favorite desk accesssory are my purple ink/gel/markers! Purple makes me feel happy.

  • Amy C.

    I absolutely love my fine tip colored sharpies!

  • Angela Flowers

    My favorite desk accessories are my pens! I love pens!

  • Diane Bassette

    My favorite is my stapler!

  • Naomie

    My favorite is my shredder!

  • Susan

    My favorite desk accessories are my blue pens! :-)

  • Kaye Newman

    My favorite desk accessory is my printer because I use it all the time.

  • Mary Helene

    Difficult to say which is my favorite. I love my printer because I use it every day and I love using my shredder, it’s very heavy duty and I love to find things to shred in it.

  • Toni Nicholson

    Any of my flair pens! Check and write almost everything with them.

  • Teresa Organ

    My favorite desk accessory is the printer. My husband and I print off a lot of stuff so it gets used a lot.

  • Tee

    I love my printer. It can copy, scan and fax.

  • Marci

    My stapler because i use it so much, i would be lost without it.

  • Geri

    My printer! I love it because it’s so easy to use and does so much for me.

  • Toni B

    I love my stapler! It helps keep like papers together.

  • Hana

    For big things, I can’t imagine life now without my laptop and printer which I use daily for both work, volunteering, gifts, and enjoyment.

    But for simple desktop accessories, I admit, I love my pull out drawers that have the mini post-it/stick on sheet pads which I use on so many things from categorizing, quick notes onto sheets, stick onto computer too if need to act quickly. :)

  • rhonda Hagy miller


  • Carolyn Barnett

    My printer! I can print out pictures,recipes or anything.

  • sandy

    I lovemy cup of pens- gelpens and all- love scribbling and doodling and love my post it note holder

  • Leanne Campbell

    There are so many!!!! I love fun office supplies. But, my favorite desk supply? I have a really awesome 3 hole punch that I love! Otherwise, all my pretty colored pens!

  • LoriR

    I like my pen holder and my scotch taped holder because they match and they are colorful.

  • Milcah

    Pen/pencil holder because you can return them there and know just where to look when you need one.

  • Nicole Shaffer

    My favorite desk accessory would be my pen holder

  • Linda Poplees

    I favorite desk accessory is my stapler would be lost without it

  • Bianca Munoz

    My favorite desk accessory is my pen holder and the desk drawers . Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • Shelton

    It has to be the staple remover. Saves a lot on fingernails.

  • Theresa J

    I love my desk calendar because its big and keeps my schedule organized

  • Chris Laskaris

    I always like a stylish lamp / light for my desk.

  • Anna Pry

    my favorite desk accessory is my flower vase, having fresh flowers on my desk keeps me happy and motivated to work

  • Allison Bird

    Love my stapler! It always works!!!

  • I love my desk calendar! I check it daily, jot notes, and it keeps me up to date and never missing any appointments

  • cris

    Mine has to be a keyboard holder I have. It swivels and turns

  • Valerie McElroy

    My favorite desk item are my post its. One way use them to make notes on students’ papers.

  • Derrick Johnson

    My LSU pen holder,love looking at it all the time! GEAUX TIGERS!

  • My post it pop up note holder, it makes easy to grab.

  • Jody Garrison

    I love my Swopper desk stool! No more back or sciatic pain. :)

  • Jennifer Scott

    my postage printer cause it saves me money

  • Evans B.

    My pen holder, all pens and markers are neatly separated. Great to look at them.

  • Kimberly Snyder

    A staple puller, to keep my paperwork neat.