Your Cords Can Be Art Supplies

I’m so ashamed of my cord situation right now. A gross old surge protector plugged into another gross old surge protector plugged into the wall with tons of cords come off each surge protector. I know I need to do something about this unsightly mess and this post shall be my inspiration. As usual, most of this stuff is way over the top but I think a more subtle approach could be taken to create some nice smooth lines of cords next to my floorboards.

(I can’t find the source for the first picture, can anyone tell me the name of the artist or where it came from?)

I love the orange cords against grey walls! Learn more about each of these pics on Unplgged.

Obviously this doesn’t make any practical sense but it’s beautiful and simple. Link

I’ve never thought about dyeing our unsightly cords but you can! I guess it’s more painting than anything else. Instructions on Unplgged

A little comic relief about our frustration with cords. See the entire comic here.

This looks more like something I could actually do.

Although I would love to do this, just for fun! Link for the artist

Beautiful plugs and cords by the Object Artist.

And our last option, turn your cords into a giant necklace. Link

How do you keep your cords under control?

  • willow_kidd

    I would worry about these overheating and melting/causing a fire. It’s cool and neat looking, but the smartest/safest thing to do would be get a shorter extension cord.