Your Stapler Can Do What?

Ok so maybe it’s not the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen, but it could provide a 5 minute distraction at work. Open up your stapler so you are looking at the base.


Turn your stapler over and press on the spring like button on the bottom. That should pop out the smiley face plate (did you ever notice that it looks like a smiley face?)


Turn the face 180 degrees.


Try it out. See how the staples bend outward instead of inward?


[via Blogger Jacob Grier]

If you’re like me, you’ll think wow this is neat..kind of. Well it actually serves a purpose. This way of stapling is called pinning.

From a wikipedia article,

Pinning is used to temporarily bind documents or other items, often cloth or clothing, for sewing. In order to pin using a stapler, the anvil must be shifted so that the bends outwards instead of inwards. This method varies between staplers, as some anvils need to be simply pushed forward to allow pinning, while others must be rotated. Some staplers implement pinning by bending one leg of the staple inwards, while bending the other outwards. Some modern staplers, though, do not include support for pinning.

So I guess it has a purpose after all.

P.S. Note the last statement of the Wikipedia article. Some staplers don’t support pinning. While I have a classic Swingline Stapler, my coworker wasn’t so lucky.

  • That’s interesting. I never thought of it but I’m gonna try it when I’m at the office again.